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Monday, December 23, 2013

Weekend Project - Outdoor Lighting!

 My next project for is a weekend project and I knew JUST what we needed around here as we look to get some things into shape.

You see, our backyard has a GORGEOUS outdoor deck and kitchen that my husband built - he spent three years working on it - and we use it ALL the time. But, the secret is that beyond that area is a grass area and back wall that is sort of awful. Full of weeds, dead stuff, and just a mess. At night, no one goes near there as it's dark and grim. 

So, I decided we could put some low voltage lighting in by the back fence - which is actually a block wall {and only 3 feet high}. Several years ago my hubby {he's so smart} had run underground conduit under the grass just in case we ever decided to put lighting along the backwall. So, that saved us a TON of work. It runs from our SHED under the grass to the block wall area. We used the low voltage lights - not the plastic ones, these are REALLY nice aluminum lights. 

We enlisted the kids to help out - digging up weeds and helping run the wire through the conduit, with Daddy's supervision, of course! 

Once we ran the wire underground through the conduit, we laid the low voltage wiring across the cleared area. It's super simple. You don't have to bury it, but you can if you want to. Then, I took apart the little wiring box and followed the directions in getting the wires lined up inside and closed it up tight. And...they worked!

I put down some weed cloth and mulch to cover up the area. You can see them here in the evening...so pretty! In the spring I'll plant some flowers along there to make things look nicer.

Aren't they beautiful? Guess what? I installed the lights myself!! Not kidding. Our weekends around here have been rather crazy - and with my hubby's busyness and then getting sick, I had no choice but to finish this project up myself. So, this was a great project for me to learn some new skills! What do you think? Do you have low voltage lighting in your yard - front or back?

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