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Monday, September 23, 2013

Organized Reader: Master closet

It is so fun to be able to share with you how "regular" OMF readers are organizing their spaces! I recently put out a call and asked many of you on Facebook whether you had an organized space you'd like to share! 

I got lots of great ones. Today, I'm going to share Lori's closet. She is a reader, not a blogger. She sent me pictures showing how they organize their master closet.

They have a standard of only so many hangers and not to purchase any more clothes after they've filled the hangers - I like this girl! Here is her side with tops - she has things lined up in color order, it would appear! Each section of tops has a specific purpose, too. I like that she has a lint roller right there to use, also - great idea!

Here she hangs all her dresses, pants, and skirts. I like how she has her shoes on the shelves go either direction. I my master closet, I have slide out shelves, so this works great if you don't have that option.

In her closet she also keeps her jewelry organized nicely with a "black dress jewelry hanger"{similar to this one} where she can keep her necklaces on one side...

And her earrings and other jewelry on the other! I love that it's not overly fancy, but I a very practical, well-laid out closet - and ORGANIZED! Do you have an organized space in your home you'd like to share? Send me an email HERE and put "Organized Reader" in the subject and you could be featured, too!

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