Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year and New Chance to get organized!

Happy New Year!!

I know that many of you are looking to get organized this year and many of you who are overwhelmed. My sponsor, Becky of Clean Mama, has this wonderful new Ebook that can help you get started. This ebook is fantastic and I highly recommend you getting this if you are needing some help getting started with schedules and routines.

Pulling Yourself Together: Implementing a Cleaning Routine that Sticks

What's included in
Pulling Yourself Together: Implementing a Cleaning Routine that Sticks?
  • tools to de-clutter and organize and your home in the midst of a busy life
  • methods to implement a cleaning routine that really works for you
  • strategies to continue with a perfected cleaning routine
  • 5 chapters with step by step methods for jump starting your de-cluttering and starting (or perfecting) your cleaning routine

6 printable guides are included to help you through each step of the process:

De-Clutter Worksheet
Weekly Cleaning Routine Checklist
Week at a Glance
Blank Week at a Glance
Rotating Cleaning Schedule
Blank Rotating Cleaning Schedule

Clutter and chaos taking over your life? Ready to start pulling yourself together? Hop on over to the Clean Mama blog to learn more about PullingYourself Together: Implementing a Cleaning Routine that Sticks and to purchase your copy today! 
Go HERE to learn more and purchase your copy.

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