31 Days of Organizing Fun: Day #7 -- Curtain Rods | Organizing Made Fun: 31 Days of Organizing Fun: Day #7 -- Curtain Rods

Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 Days of Organizing Fun: Day #7 -- Curtain Rods

Welcome to Day #7 of 31 Days of Organizing Fun! 

How could curtain rods be fun to organize with? Well, like anything else I'll be showing you, and have been showing you, it's really all about "thinking outside the box" and using stuff in a way it may not have been originally intended!

Something like That Designs

Here is a perfect example. A simple curtain rod hung to hold purses, lifts up to grab the one you want. You'll have to go over and see the rest of the closet, which has more great organizing.

Better Home and Gardens

Who thought a curtain rods could do this? But, hanging hooks and then organizing your utensils is a great idea!

Or another way, using a curtain-valance rod to hang pot lids. You can do that in the cupboard or elsewhere, like above.

Using them for wrapping paper, hanging your ties, or hanging your jewelry can all be other ways to use curtains rods! Have you got any other ways to organize with curtain rods?

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