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Monday, September 3, 2012

How to Get Organized When You Don’t Have a Spare Minute

Today I have a guest post by Prerna from The Mom Writes, who is also a contributor at where I also contribute once a month. She's got some great ideas for you! So, read on...

 Let’s face it. We all lead very busy lives. Juggling our many roles as mom, home manager, cook, chauffeur, professional or entrepreneur and of course, wife, daughter, sister and friend. Yes, we’re busy. As someone who runs two businesses, blogs for a living, manages her home and life with a kindergartener and husband, I know busy. I get it. But I also know the value of organizing. It’s just that in all this busyness, how does one find the time to get organized? Do you even need organization? Actually, yes you do need organization to save your sanity as you juggle your many roles. Plus, you can find time to organize even when it seems you don’t have a spare minute and the best part is that organizing actually helps you save time and enjoy more of it. Win-win! Here’s how to get organized when you don’t seem to have the time for it:

1. Use Small Pockets of Time

We all have small pockets of time in our days that are spent well, doing nothing. While I’m all for nothingness every now and then, sometimes, you can use these empty bits and pieces of time to clear out a drawer, organize a shelf or simply put your cleaning supplies into a basket. Yes, 10 minutes here or 15 minutes there is a great way to get organized without even realizing it.

2. Schedule It into Your Planner

Is there a bigger organizing project that you’d like to tackle? Write it down in your home management binder or planner. Scheduling time for it will make it a part of your weekly or monthly routine and you’ll be able to allot dedicated time to it. You may have to cut back on something else, but it would be worth it. Trust me!

3. Organize as you Go

Make organizing a part of your life and you’ll be less stressed and much happier. The best part is, it doesn’t take much to organize as you go. Sort through the mail as soon as you enter the door and paper clutter would be seriously minimized. Hang up your jacket and toss the car keys into a basket on the foyer table and you’ll never have to hunt for them again. Arrange a closet shelf while putting in the laundry. Go through toiletries and bathroom supplies after your shower and you’ll have an organized bathroom cabinet.

4. Have Just ONE Organizing Project On Your List

Yes, you don’t want to make organizing a reason for overwhelm. So, don’t crowd your already packed schedule with multiple organizing projects and to-dos. Instead, pick just one project for every week or month, depending upon how busy you are. I usually pick my biggest pain area and start with that. However, when we’re having a particularly crazy month, I just pick the really easy spots and fix them. Either way, the joy of organizing something really gets me motivated and inspired to aim higher. Organizing your home is a simple but effective way to cut down on time wasted hunting for everyday essentials, think car keys or cellphone chargers. So, go ahead, try and find an organizing project for this week {Becky has plenty to inspire you!} and get started! 

About the Author: Prerna Malik is the owner of The Mom Writes, a site that offers smart solutions to work-at-home moms. When she isn’t blogging for a living or running a social media agency with her husband, she’s baking cupcakes with her daughter or organizing a closet in her home. Download her free eBooks on organizing and productivity for busy moms and make organizing a time-saver! 

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