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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Goose Creek Candle Giveaway

I received a very sweet email from my sponsor, Goose Creek Candle Company, asking me to review their candles. I had to respectfully tell them that I was unable to burn their candles in my home because our family is highly allergic to smelly candles - especially my husband and daughter.

But, they said I could get a friend to test it out and see how they liked it and I could let you all know all about it. Well, I asked a few friends who would be willing to test these fabulous candles out - I had a BIG response from a LOT of my friends. Apparently, these candles are a big deal!

Do you know about their candles? Well, they are really nice. I was so impressed when I opened up the box - on a hot day {which concerned me getting wax candles} - that they were wrapped so well. The candles were in beautiful canisters and smelled divine when I opened them.

I was given the dark vanilla bean scent and blueberry passion. When the jars are just open, you can already smell the flavors so profusely.

If you like a good candle with a strong scent, this is for you! I told you, above, that I can't burn candles in my home. So, yes, I'm missing out on these - that's for sure! They have some of the yummiest scented candle collections, too. I got a chance to smell these and they were great!

These are well made, burn well, and make a wonderful addition to your home smelling lovely! Are you ready to win two of these lovely candles? I bet you are...

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 Check out the Goose Creek Candle Company -- if you decide to purchase something, use coupon code: 0912 and it is free shipping for any purchase of $40.00 or more!

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