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Friday, July 6, 2012

My Five Favorite things for organizing {tools}

Today I want to share with you five of my favorite {most used} things I use to organize.

5 favorite things for organizing

Some of these tools may surprise you and others won't. They are MY favorites - meaning the things I use most around my house to organize.

5 favorite things for organizing

#1 - Label Maker

Whether you decide to spend $20 or $100 on yours, it's really up to you. I have two - one is a Dymo label maker I got at Target for $20+ and the other Brother label maker, I got at an estate sale {just like the green/blue above} for $10! A label maker is something you can use all over the place. I use it to label a lot of stuff. Why? Because I'm not the only person who lives in this house and I never want anyone to have a reason to NOT put things away. You name it, I've probably labeled it! They are so easy to use that both my kids know how to use them, too!
5 favorite things for organizing

#2 - Laminator

This is one of those things that, once I got it, I thought "why didn't I get this sooner?" because it's been utilized so much in the short time I've had it! A laminator isn't that much money - about $32 for mine {AND it came with 20 laminating sheets too} was all it took to get me started.

5 favorite things for organizing

#3 - Printer

I use my printer {and computer} so many times to make all kinds of schedules and print outs to keep our family organized. I personally prefer a color printer because it's just better, more colorful for kids print outs and schedules. Make chore charts is nicer and more fun if they are in color. Go here to learn how to make a simple chore chart.

5 favorite things for organizing

#4 - Sharpies

OK, I admit that I am a Sharpie junkie! I love them. They are just amazing pens. They just make my writing look WAY better when I use them. A retractable Sharpie is my absolute favorite - the ultra fine point is my everyday pen. I like to use them when labeling thing around the house or writing on file folders. They are great when organizing something quickly and easily. Label things permanently and colorfully and beautifully.

5 favorite things for organizing

#5 - Zip Ties 

Zip ties are absolutely awesome for getting things wrangled quickly and easily. They are so useful for keeping cords neat as well as holding them down in place. I also use them when labeling baskets for holding a label. They now come in colors so you can easily color code things too.

So, these are all the things I use on a regular basis to help organize my home. Do you have any other great organizing tools that you use?

{I have put links in for each of these products, should you be interested in where to find them}

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