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Monday, July 16, 2012

Kelli's Organized Pet Studio

Kelli, of Cody and Company, sent me pictures of her super, duper organized pet studio where she makes pet clothing and collars and all kinds of super cute things!!

Organized follower reader space

Her organization is impressive. You could compare her studio to a craft studio, as it has many of the same organizational things in it.

organized neat clutter free studio

I just LOVE all her organizational details in there. She's got her cabinets, her sewing cabinets, and all other things neatly labeled so she can easily find it! I'm so impressed...

Ribbons hangers labels dog collars organized

Look at how she filled up the little closet, the bins, lined up her dog collars, and set up her ribbon. Are you as excited as I am? 

dog kids

I'm not sure how my Rusty would feel about wearing all those girly collars, but maybe he could use one of her belly bands to keep from marking when we visit others! OK, how many of you have clothes for your pet? And who keeps theirs this organized?

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