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Monday, April 2, 2012

March Wrap-Up

March is over! Wasn't it a fantastic month? 

Here is all the stuff that happened here on OMF, just in case you missed one post or another!

A.  We announced the "Spring into Organization" Home Tour
B.  My wrap up about Blissdom
C.  Organized Reader: Miki with her closet transformed
D.  My organized utility closet
E.  My daughter's AG-outdoor-movie birthday party
F.  Down-time organizing
G.  11 Ways to organize on the back of a door
H.  House project: planting succulents
I.   Organized Reader: Bridgette with her great organized spots
J.  10 ways to host a party without breaking the bank
K.  How to organize a FREE Ladies' Boutique
L.  A great Target gift card {$50} giveaway
M. A surprise party
N.  Spring into Organization Home Tour: Master bedroom, bathroom, and master closet

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