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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Organizing: Gift Wrap PLUS a free printable!

Today we're talking gift wrap! For years I avoided gift wrap - I found it useless. Well, it sort of is because you just throw away what you wrapped it up in. But, as I age, I realize it's not so bad. It's fun to have something pretty to look at - even if only temporarily!

So, I want to show you some great ideas for wrapping, along with some fantastic gift wrap stations AND as an added bonus I will be giving you some beautiful gift tags, too, that coordinate with the gift lists I gave you a few weeks ago!


I'd like to start with this unusual way of wrapping up Christmas cookies.


How about using the shirt as the wrapping? Very unusual, but fun, too!


I just LOVE this one - sheet music wrapping - being I'm a piano player, this would mean a lot to me to have a gift wrapped like this!


Here's a great stocking stuffer idea - a wrapped set of coins. How about a bunch of quarters for your college student? Or even your little kiddos would love this!


The simplicity of butcher paper with pretty, red ribbon is so nice and affordable too!


Now let's look at some wrap get you in the mood for wrapping!  See above, the simple way to keep it covered up inside a cupboard?

This is so clever - in a drawer! I love how she organized it simply, also.

Remember I posted about my gift wrap station? Well, it's fun to have it set up somewhere. There are more ideas on ALL kinds of gift wrap and gift wrap stations on my Pinterest Board called Gift Wrap. So, if you're looking for more inspiration, go there!

Go HERE for your FREE printable gift tags!!

Last...your FREE gift tag printables! Print these up for your gifts and have a wonderful time wrapping! I do not have the wrapping bug...I like it pretty, but I am usually in too big of a hurry. My daughter LOVES to wrap - so she gets to do most of my wrapping. It's not perfect - but at 7 3/4 {she's sure to make sure you know she's ALMOST 8} she could spend hours down in our basement wrapping presents! Enjoy the gift tags!

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