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Monday, August 29, 2011

Whoopsie! Not quite so organized!

I realize that I am supposed to be organized, since I am trying to be an example to others and inspire YOU to organize.  But, hey...I'm human! I'm not perfect and there are just places in this house that I make a mess - yes, ME!  For example...this is our entry dresser.  

Do you remember how I showed you every drawer was arranged just so?

What happened?  Well, see that big gap of space in the back? The nice trays got pushed back and I began using it to hold my stuff for when I go walking each morning and just sort of shoved it in!  Oops! I knew that wasn't going to work and it started driving me crazy!

I was at Target the other day and saw these cute cracker baskets for $1 each! I got them...it wasn't quite what I was looking for, since I really wanted a plastic version in this size but after all the errands I had been running there was nothing in any of the stores that would work.

See? The basket on the far right holds all the things that I need every morning I walk. I just grab it and set it on the table along with my water bottle and house key so that in the morning I just grab and go up "the hill of death."

Everything in it's place. You can see my Iphone strap I use when I walk, my prayer cards, and headphones.

I also have my extra Iphone case, bluetooth, and extra headphones. Theses are all things I rarely use!

Have you ever seen this?  This is velcro on a roll.  My hubby, who helps with the sound technician-y stuff at our church uses this stuff ALL the time for tying cables quickly so they are neat.

It makes an easy way to tie up something that you'll use often, plus you can make it the size you need by just cutting off what you need! Indeed a neat organizing tip, huh?

So, what you do think? Have you got any drawers that need a tweak?


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