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Monday, August 1, 2011

Making messes

As moms, we need to realize that it's important to let our kids make messes.  What?  YOU are saying to let your kids make a mess??? is full of messes.  My kids actually play nicer and better together when they make a big mess!

However, we DO have a few boundaries to go along with making messes, like:

1.  If you spread out in a common area {pretty much anywhere but your room}, expect to have to clean up every single bit by dinner {or bedtime}.

2.  No dumping! 

3.  Mom will NOT be cleaning up your mess {and neither will Dad}!

4.  Expect to clean up each other's stuff - you both made the mess!

5.  Put things back WHERE THEY BELONG. {This is a common problem in this house, thus the labeling}.

Trains and Knex! My kids love mixing things up and making it HUGE!

Well, you get the point.  Kids have to be kids.  They make messes.  But, they need to learn to be responsible and clean up after themselves. 
Yep, my kids play Barbies and trains...with hampers for their houses {this was right after my daughter sorted the laundry}!
And...speaking of kids, don't forget about our CHALLENGE!  The link party will be on August 12th!