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Friday, April 22, 2011

Complete FAIL!! With a capital "F"

So, not wanting to be wasteful.  Not wanting to BUY more paint...I decided to do a little self mixing of some paint I had around here just to paint my entry a cheery, pretty color!  

I found a can of left-over paint from our little powder bathroom {affectionately named the "green bathroom"}.  I also got a little brown from our living room and some creamy white I used on my vintage chair.  All leftover paint that I combined into a quart can stirring and mixing to a lovely color!  Oh, it looked so beautiful in the can - just the color I was imagining.  I wanted it to look good with the kitchen curtains and decal - which is right next to front foyer/entry. 

Bottom RT: powder room paint; Bottom LT: Entry swatch; Top LT & RT: Kitchen decal and curtains
I even painted a swatch of it on the wall in the entry.  It looked great!  So, I painted the entire entry in the color I had made- I was so proud of myself!  The quart of paint was JUST the right amount, too! 

Ummm, my hubby rarely cares what colors I paint in this house.  Rarely ever says a thing.  He's sweet that way.  But, even he noticed the HORRIBLE toothpaste green color that my entry had become.  It was AWFUL!  What in the world happened?  Uggh...

It's more hideous in person...toothpaste green!  Bleck!!

Sadly, I was in no mood to now go to the store and buy more paint and repaint AGAIN!  So, my entry has stayed this awful toothpaste green color for the last month.  

Awww, that's MUCH better!  Valspar's Betsy Ross Moss green!
Much calmer and nicer for an entry!

I bit the bullet, found the right paint color and repainted it!  NOW it's JUST right!  Don't you think?  Just to give you the extreme-ness of it, here is a side by side color comparison:

LT: Before, it goes with nothing; RT: After, it goes with the rug and kitchen stuff.
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