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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Field Trip in organization

Field Trip in Organization /
So, I went to visit my parents in Santa Maria this past weekend.  I am going to share some of my mom's organization of their home over the next few days.  Just a few neat ideas I spotted.  And later this week I'll share her BEAUTIFUL garden!  

Guest room organizing |
Here you can see the guest room closet - filled with mine and my kids junk!  It used to be one long rod all the way across!

Guest room organizing |
Now you can see that it's not exactly matching here.  That's because it's made up of another left over closet system and the shelf on top here is the shelf that went all the way across above the old rod in there.  

Guest room organizing |
 Here's a view looking to the right of the "organizer" that they made up.  Mom said they bought two rods and put one on top and one on the bottom.  Again, the shelf is the previous shelf that was in there and moved and cut to refit it this way.  

Guest room organizing |

Here's a closer look at the same set of rods.  Nothing fancy, but it sure is a good use of space.

Guest room organizing |
Another close up of the middle, you can see the basket that they put on the bottom - which we used for our dirty laundry! The sides of the middle organizer are made of the leftover sides from another closet organizer and has the little holes in it all the way from top to bottom for the shelving.

Closet shelves |

The shelving, I believe, is one of the few small purchases they made.  Looking to the left of this shelving, my dad cut the existing metal rod and then attached it to the middle shelving unit.  Simple and yet a much more usable closet now.

More to come from her house of orgnization...but here is a view of the lovely room that I get to use while visiting them each time (and many of visitors that frequent their house).

 Organizing the guest room |

By the way, she has also made all kinds of thoughtful things in this guest room - TV schedule with all the local channels (there is a TV in the room which is a luxury for me), an alarm clock, dresser with empty drawers, a bathroom with many guest amenities, a luggage rack, and even some biblical reading in the nightstand drawer.  She's a wonderful hostess!

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  1. Becky,
    I loved the elfa closet you have for your daughter but just about dropped dead at the price tag. You mentioned a sale? When does that happen and I need help with being motivated to save a little every month for this.

    My daughter and I are going through her nightmare closet and I'm wondering if I can do something on the cheaper end like this post. Our closets are just the standard shelf at the top and the long bar underneath. My children end up collecting storage boxes and shoe boxes and just stack them.

    I feel out of my comfort zone to just pick an organizing system and install it. Any thoughts?

  2. I'll send you an email with more information!


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