Kids - Chore Charts and Schedules

Here are a list of past posts, along with pictures

How to make a simple chore chart

Samples of schedules for kids {see THIS post}

For my daughter at 8 months old {above}. 

Done for my son, when he was 3 years old. {Above}

The one above is a more detailed schedule I used on my son when he was five.{Above}

My daughter's current schedule ages 6-7 years old. {Above}

For an older child. My son's morning schedule at age 11-12 years old.{Above}


This one is for my daughter at 2-3 years old. {Above}

For my daughter at age 6-7 years old. {Above}

For and older child. Here is my son's schedule at 12 years old. {Above}

This is and all our chore charts are in our pantry on the wall.

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