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Friday, August 25, 2017

Updated Master Bedroom Wallpaper

I was given products from Sherwin-Williams and Walls Republic to complete this project! 

It's the season of projects for me now, at least I've got that drive to get lots done right now. I doubt I'll ever be done with projects around my house and something will always need updating, but I just love doing new things and having projects to do! Our master bedroom hadn't been painted in nearly 8 or 9 years - and that's a long time for me. Add to that, I wanted something to sort of pop in there and make it change. I updated our bedroom a few years ago but wanted something more. It looked nice, but it really needed new paint since the walls had faded a lot. 

Before: Master Bedroom looks great but see after to be wow'd

I decided that I would take my wallpaper obsession to another level and again get some wallpaper up behind the bed. I had previously had a darker blue-ish paint color and wanted to update with gray. I also had put these decals on behind our bed and they were starting to pop off! 

AFTER: Gorgeous gray walls with faux brick wallpaper

Anyway, here is the update! I love it and the wall - wow! That brick wallpaper just looks amazing! I want to show you the rest of the room because I changed it up a bit, too!

Gray and Orange Master Bedroom with faux brick wall

Here is the best view of the wallpaint color - which is Sherwin-Williams "Misty" in the Emerald® Interior Satin. It matched perfectly with this amazing wallpaper that I got from Walls Republic - the Grey Running Brick {you can purchase HERE and it's currently on SALE}. We recently added a TV in our bedroom - after not having one for 15+ years - and I purchased a thrifted little stand and spray painted it and put it in the corner of our tiny bedroom. 

Faux Brick Wallpaper

I love having the soft gray walls and faux brick wallpaper because it gives the room a whole new look without a ton of work or expense. The faux brick actually looks pretty real when you see it from down the hall since this bedroom is the last room in the back of the house, it's very possible that brick could be on that wall.  

Necklaces organized behind bedroom door

The other thing I did was change out my jewelry organizer that I had previously made to hang all my necklaces. Unfortunately, about a year and a half after I hung it, the command velcro decided it was done and fell off the wall! Anyway, I came up with this instead - it's using command hooks and it's behind my bedroom door. I'm always saying to use the "behind the door" area to organize, so now I'm practicing what I'm preaching!

Jewelry organized behind the door with hooks

In this area, I used a little measuring to get everything hung nicely, but it was super simple. It's hidden behind the door so no one really knows it's there and I have a full length mirror on the back of the door so it's really a great spot to try on a necklace to go with an outfit. 

Jewelry organized behind the door with hooks

Overall, the room turned out nice. I love gray since it's got such a calming feeling. I added some new "room darkening" curtains recently and it's really made falling asleep even easier! 


Wallpaper - Walls Republic
Paint - Sherwin-Williams "Misty"
Orange TV stand - Thrifted, painted Rustoleum Orange 2x spray paint in gloss
Headboard - Overstock.com
Chair - Ikea
Closet System - The Container Store
Nighstands - Overstock.com 

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  1. I love it! I especially love the painting/canvas!!! Can you share the artist please?


  2. I LOVE that gray - does it have any undertones that make it look blue in particular light or anything like that? I'm really hoping to do a full first floor makeover in the not too distant future and I'd love to do gray walls and add pops of color with accessories - just like you're doing here with the awesome orange. But i'm afraid of gray - because it seems to end up looking like robin's egg blue - so I know picking the right gray is important. Thank you!

    1. It's just gray - there are no blue undertones in it. You can use the link above and order a sample of the wallpaper to be sure!


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