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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Label Up!

I have been compensated by DYMO MobileLabeler to share my opinions. 

If there is ever a tool that is important for organizing, it's a label maker! I love having a label maker. So, if you're getting ready to make a resolution and want a quality tool, think about how a MobileLabeler from DYMO would be so nice to have - for the professional organizer, the office worker, or just someone like me who labels all things necessary! It's got the potential to make labeling all those things possible and with style and class! So, it's time to Label Up!

Get Organized and Label

Reasons I like it:

1. Love the portability. Just charge the battery when it's low and you're good to go. 
2. Bluetooth: This labeler is wireless and has bluetooth capability. 
3. Options: You can design labels with a lot of different options for fonts {big deal to me}, sizes, and colors - and there are even sizes and borders through Google and Apple font libraries!! 

4. Perfect for a professional organizer, multiple people to share, or just yourself!
5. You can use it anywhere. There's a voice to text feature where you can use it hands free, plus there is a spell check - I can't tell you how many labels I've printed out, only to realize I spelled it wrong! Ugh!
6. Super easy set up. It took me only a few minutes to figure this out. It was very easy. I think easier than most labelers I've used. I just downloaded the DYMO app and started right up!

Reasons I don't like it:

1. I wish it was a tad smaller. It's not huge, but I wish it could be a little smaller {I guess I'm picky about that}. 
2. I wish I had more colors and cartridges sent to me to try! Well, I can get them, but I just didn't have them to try! I would love to have lots to choose, wouldn't you? The good thing is it uses a standard D1 label so it's easy to go get more in any color I want! 

I am always excited to try different label makers and see the new technology, but this one was exciting since I have never had a label maker that was bluetooth capable and had so many options. I like having lots of options. If I'm labeling something in the kitchen versus the kids' rooms, it's fun to have different fonts and colors to work with and I rarely find that. I was also impressed with the ease of use, even though the technology was so much more than any label maker I've ever used or had before. 

Having options is also nice for labeling other things like gifts, file folders, and gift tags. I label so many things like:

a. Essential Oils mixes
b. File Folders
c. Kitchen bins in the pantry
d. Drawers in the kitchen, bathroom, or office
e. Garage and workshop drawers 
f.  So much more!

OK, so who wants to get organized for the new year? 

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