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Monday, August 22, 2016

5 Tips for Back to School Organizing and Cleaning

When you think of back to school - do you think of cleaning? I don't, honestly! But, it's actually a perfect time to start perfecting your cleaning and organizing routine - again! Yep, every year you are probably having to tweak and fix that schedule and your routine for cleaning and everything else. I know that I have to every year when school starts. I now have a high school junior and a seventh grader so things are so different now than just a few years ago when my kids were little. Whether you public school, private school, or homeschool it's a perfect time to sit down and work out your routine and schedule. Here are my FIVE tips for getting back to school and getting updated in your routine:

5 Tips for Back to School Organizing and Cleaning :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

1. PLAN - Seriously, we have to plan. Whatever your style of planning is to write every little thing down in the day, to use an online organizer {Cozi is my favorite FREE app}, a fancy planner, writing major things only - whatever your style is, do what is most natural to you. If you fail to plan each day, you are planning to fail! Take the time each night and work on your plan for the next day. Yes, things come up so learn to be flexible, but have a plan. That plan can be a short to-do list or it can just be all the errands that need to be run. Make sure do this every day and make it a habit. 

2. SCHEDULE - What is your schedule? Does it change daily or is it similar day by day? Write out a basic schedule you'll have each morning before the kids get up, when they get up, and when they are either starting school or you're homeschooling them. Have the kids stay on a schedule and hang it up in the pantry so they can keep up with their schedule and get out the door on time.

3. KEEP IT SIMPLE - I'm all about faking it! There is no reason you have to go super crazy trying to keep your house spotless. Clutter free is a good place to start. But, keep it simple. Spend only 15 minutes a day in actual cleaning. Schedule that in to your day and make it work by fitting that into your schedule. If you've never tried doing 15 minutes a day of cleaning, you're missing out! It changed my life! Unless you enjoy cleaning for an hour everyday, this will definitely shake up your life for the better!

4. WHEN THE MOOD HITS - Do you have that moment that you just feel like decluttering everything? YES YES! Go with that! Go crazy and declutter...and let that help you want to keep that momentum up each day. Sometimes I feel that "I've had enough" of this area and start to declutter it. I give things away, mostly, but toss stuff that's looking pretty worn or tattered! I show no mercy. In the fall {back to school time}, it's easy to get that feeling of starting over and wanting to declutter is natural. Maybe you get that moment of wanting to clean something that's desperately needed - do it! That's when I get the most productive cleaning done! You might also feel the mood hit to just organize something BETTER - go for it! 

5. GET THE FUN IN - I realize that cleaning, decluttering, and organizing may not be something your enjoy, but make it as fun as you can! Get the whole family involved, make a game of it, plan a time each day that you walk around the house and pick up clutter and tidy up! Make everyone pitch in and teach them how to declutter and clean!

Operation Organization: Back to School  :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

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  1. Thanks for sharing all these great tips for staying organized! It's been a fun series!

  2. All great tips Becky! Fun joining you on this series :)


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