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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How to Organize a Complete Diet Change

About 7 1/2 months ago, I decided I needed a change. I needed a complete change in what I was eating and stop from being addicted to sugar and bread. I felt like I just couldn't NOT eat it when I was around it. Last year, even if I didn't eat much, I'd still gain weight. It wasn't coming off. I was fed up and knew that eating a consistent way that was unprocessed and whole foods, I would feel better - whether I lost weight or not. 

How to Organize a Complete Diet Change ::

So, I decided to find a way of eating that would get me off of bread and sugar. One thing to note, I have been unable to eat dairy for 20 years so when I found the Paleo diet, I decided it was perfect for me. It would get me off bread and sugar and dairy wasn't part of it so it made it an easy choice for me. But, anytime you change your diet drastically, it takes some planning if you're going to stick with it! I still can't believe I haven't had sugar or grain in 7 months. I didn't think I'd last a week, so if I can do something like that it's because I was A) determined and B) organized! Here are a few helping hints if you plan a complete diet change for you and/or your family - whether it's just taking out processed food or a few food groups.

1. Study up! If you decide to change your diet completely, make sure you study up first. Don't make this change quickly and realize that you made a mistake - it will cost you a lot of time and a lot of money! I spent weeks pouring over articles about Paleo and looking up recipes and pinning them. I felt pretty prepared and ready for the day I decided to start. 

2. The whole family. I did NOT make my whole family go Paleo, although I'd love that, it's just not realistic. However, I got rid of pretty much all processed food {we didn't have much} and I decided we all eat Paleo for dinner. They can eat whatever they make for breakfast or lunch, but dinner I'm not a short order cook and Paleo is just easier for me to cook and healthier for the whole family. Sometimes, if I make something like tacos or fajitas, where the family uses the organic corn taco shells or tortillas and I use my own coconut wraps instead. Or if we have Chinese food, substituted with my Paleo ingredients, instead of me having rice I usually have riced cauliflower or cut up lettuce. As you can tell, I've been able to figure out ways to feed us all without having to make two different meals!

3. Budget. One thing to consider is your budget. Changing everything out is not cheap. I had to completely restock my pantry with all kinds of new things I've never used before - almond flour, coconut sugar, maple sugar, arrowroot flour, raw honey, and many more things. These were never staples in my pantry and have now become everyday items for me. I had to plan where to purchase these, how much it would cost, how much I would need of these items, and where I would now put them. 

Organizing for a Paleo Diet ::

4. Stock up. As I said above, I had to stock up. I started stocking up on all kinds of different items I've never used before. At the beginning, you really don't know what items you'll use everyday, but once you establish your regular items, keep your pantry organized so you can easily see when you run low on something. 

5. Traveling. Eating out and traveling can be tricky for when you have a special diet - whether you're allergic to certain foods, have reactions to certain foods, or just don't eat certain foods. The most important thing to do is be prepared. If we go out to eat, it's easy now to go online and find the restaurant menu ahead of time. I do this to help pick out where we will eat, but also to be prepared should I need to bring something extra with me to eat. I have a one meal that most restaurants have that I can always order if we're traveling and I have limited choices. I often make food or bring foods that I can easily pack into my check-in luggage or carry-on luggage. I always pack snacks in my carry on because I have never been able to eat much of anything at an airport or on the airplane that has been available. Usually beef jerky, nuts, or dried fruits have been easy to travel with as they don't get crushed!

6. Resources. I have found many resources near me that help me to find the foods I need and online resources to 

- Thrive Market: this is my newest favorite online resource for finding Paleo food. But, they also have all kinds of gluten-free, raw, vegan, and organic foods that I can't find at my stores and often for much less. Go HERE to explore by type of food. 
- Costco: I have noticed that Costco has more and more organic foods that I'm able to use in my Paleo diet. I'm sure other large stores like Sam's Club or Super Walmart, that also do, as well!
- Trader Joe's: this is my favorite store for finding all kinds of fun things, like plantain chips instead of regular chips so I have something to dip into salsa! Yum! I get all my grass fed beefs here as well as almond meal and other things that would surprise you! Aldi stores are a good alternative if you don't have a local Trader Joe's near you. 
- Amazon: Amazon has a lot of Paleo foods and other foods that are hard to find and if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can have it shipped free, generally within two days. 
- Local Farmer's Market: I always recommend going for the local farmer's markets for the freshest organic fruits and vegetables. It's the best and I get a lot more for my money.

So, if you must change your diet for health reasons, avoid certain foods, or just get a better health for you and your family, take the time to get organized before jumping in and you'll likely be able to stick to it much better!

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  1. I haven't heard of coconut wraps. Cool. I'm about to radically re-do my diet. I finally feel like I have some time (MAJOR volunteer position is over). Hadn't thought of plantain chips or checking out Costco. Thanks!


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