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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fresh New Look

Ask my mom, she's seen me do it for years - my husband too! I decorate a room, then a few years later I'm ready to do it all over again or give a big fresh new look every few years! It's just what I do - I tend to be that ADD/distracted girl, so maybe that why, I don't know! When we first moved into our house, almost ten years ago, the first room I painted was our living room. We bought this big, red couch so we could have tons of people in there for Bible Studies or hanging out and what not. I loved it, it was beautiful! But, I realized lately that the red couch was no longer really needed as we have most of the people over and spend all our time outside on our beautiful, I wanted to make this room feel a little more intimate.

Living Room with red couch ::

I always loved the color of paint that I painted it, and I still really liked the curtains and most everything in there - after all, I try to keep things in the house up to date, but without difficulty to be able to change it down the road. And now...

Updated living room ::

It's a little less red and a lot more sophisticated and intimate! 

Intimate seating area with contemporary couch ::

I moved my bird chairs around and set them up across from our new couch. It's got a really nice modern feel - it's from CB2. 

Contemporary couch from CB2 ::

Isn't it lovely?

Intimate grouping in living area ::

Everything feels so much cozier and more intimate!

Intimate grouping in living area ::

We used to have our piano in our middle room, but moved it in here and it works great over in that corner area. But, it caused me to have to get more creative in how to get this space to work right!

Faux Succulent plant on a rattan tray ::

If you'd like to see the rest of my home, go HERE and check out my home tour! I've listed the sources below of where I got things. Enjoy!

Rattan tray - Target
Succulent on tray - Target
"Bird" chairs - Target
Ottoman {turns into bed} - Costco
Black side table - Home Goods
Couch - CB2
Paint color - Valspar "Free Wheeling"

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  1. Looks great - think you need just a few more pillows on the sofa. =)

  2. Nicely done! I, too, like the more intimate feel of the room. Your chairs are so cute!


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