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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Organizing Seasonal Clothing

I'm over here sweating in our 90+ degree weather this week here in Southern California and some of you on the east coast are floating away - we are longing for some rain, but wow! Well, I really don't ever have to change out my clothes for "seasons" since we are lucky to get a couple of weeks of chilly "winter-like" weather here. But, Jill, my professional organizer guest, definitely knows how to deal with changing out season clothing and keep it organized! 

Organizing Seasonal Clothing ::

In some areas of the United States, the changing seasons allows for the opportunity to switch out seasonal clothing and pare down our closets.  This is a good bi-annual routine to perform, otherwise it’s easy to overstuff our closets and forget what we have.
Once the weathers starts to shift:

  • Begin weeding out your hall or entryway closet while swapping out your seasonal outerwear. Pull out the jackets, coats and other seasonal items and decide whether each piece should stay around for another season or go. Wash or dry clean, if needed, and then store the out-of-season items you are keeping in large, labeled bins or hang them up in another location, like your basement. They will be super easy to locate when the weather changes.
  • Use labeled containers to store any outwear you plan to donate or sell. Clothing to be handed down to other children should be placed in bins labeled by size and gender. This will prevent confusion later on.
  • Next, spend a couple hours on each family member’s closets and dressers. Look for items that were not worn this past season or no longer fit. Move those to the “sell” or “donate” containers.
  • If possible, relocate off-season clothing to your basement or a spare bedroom. Bins of clothing may also be stored on closet shelves, storage chests, extra dressers, or beneath beds.

Take some time to edit the current season’s clothing, taken from storage, before placing it in your closet or drawers. Routine, seasonal editing is the key to maintaining organized closets. 

Do you have cold winters and need to trade out clothing in your closets? Where are you from?

Jill Annis, Professional Organizer at Simply Organized ::

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  1. Great tips!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  2. Great tips! and so timely ... I need to this soon :)

    1. Not sure why, but I never can find a comment button. YES, we have cold winters! I find the season switchover such a huge task! Just ask those who don't have to deal with it probably don't understand, I can't imagine not having to do this. I live in Belgium. Cold winters, rainy springs, nice summer, with some cold days thrown in, so no packing away ALL sweaters and then an autumn that has a bit of everything.


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