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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Organized Closet Trends

Closets are an essential that we all need and have. Having an organized closet is even more important since, of course, we want to keep organized - and have fun too! I was asked by The Container Store and Zillow Digs to share some amazing and fun closet trends with you at one of my favorite places to shop for all things organized - The Container Store! I currently own FOUR closet organizers that I purchased at The Container Store - one each year the first few years we lived in our current home - all our closets that are unique and totally different uses. So, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what it takes to have an organized closet, plus being a little trendy too! {Be sure to click over for a chance to learn how to win a $5000 closet makeover - YES, $5000 closet makeover!!!}. 

Teen and Tween Girls' Closet Trends ::

I'm going to show you two different closets in our home and how I've updated them to be "on trend" and kick them up a notch! The first is my daughter's closet and the other is my master closet.

Master Closet design trends ::

I've got my mood board for her closet above and it shows exactly what I was picturing because the trend is to have no closet doors {which I LOVE} and have been doing with three of our four clothes closets for years! I'd like to think I'm a bit ahead of the trends, right? This open door, see-it-all method seems crazy to most people, but it really works. Having everything out and available forces you to keep it neat, while allowing you to really see what you have and where it is. If you have too many clothes or too much, you know it immediately. 

Turquoise Girls Teen Tween Closet Organized ::

We bought her Elfa Closet system {at their annual sale} when she was FOUR years old. She's now ELEVEN {12 in a few months}. So, for 7+ years she's had it. But, we upgraded it to a new drawer system, as you see above. They didn't have the gliding drawer back in 2008. We took the doors off her closet a couple of years ago. 

Turquoise Girls Teen Tween Closet Organized ::

We added an amazing "wallpaper" print in the back of her closet to take it up to the next level. If you can believe it, that "wallpaper" is actually gift wrap I bought at The Container Store. We simply unrolled it and used double sided tape to hang it up. It looks amazing - and I want to add that this gift wrap is the most sturdy and strong wrapping paper. So, for $10 we made a huge difference with some paper!

Pretty Sitting Area for Teen Girls' Closet ::

The next thing you'll see coming up is seating areas, and her sweet seating area for her to sit and put shoes on, contemplate what to wear, or just hang out!

Turquoise Girls Teen Tween Closet Organized ::

Cute hooks, bins, hangers, and transparent drawers make it extra sweet and trendy! Shows off her personality and helps her stay organized!

Her Master Closet Organized ::

For my master closet, which is a "hers" closet {you can find "his" closet here}, I've chosen a mood board that includes colorful and fun updates {see above}. I updated my shoe organizing to include two new angled shoe shelves that are perfect for holding my Toms flats.

Pop of wallpaper and clear shoe storage in the master closet ::

I also like my shoes out in the open so I can choose which to wear, so I also added a clear shoe holder along with all my other shoe holding methods in there!

Pop of wallpaper and shoe drawers and shelves in the master closet ::

And how about that pop of print on the wallpaper in the back of the closet? Isn't that fun? It brightens up the space and adds some texture and pattern in there! I love it! Don't you?

Storing purses and clutches in pretty printed storage boxes from the Container Store ::

The printed boxes are strong and sturdy and they hold all of my colorful purses! I like to have boxes with lids for my purses so that they stay clean and dust free. The larger boxes hold my big purses and the smaller boxes on top can hold my clutches {in one} and travel gadgets {in the other}. 

Her master closet is trendy and organized ::

So, there you have it! The design trends and the practical uses of them -- here's the master closet! 

Teen/Tween Girl's Closet trends and mood board ::

And, my girl's closet! It's so pretty, isn't it? Now, let me share a few more things with you including the full trend report...

What's IN:

1. Transparent displays – everything out and curated. 
   a. Use transparent containers, hooks and cute storage boxes. Storage should be stylish. 
   b. Adding additional features if possible—an ottoman, a chair, a packing ledge – stylish    
   and functional parts to a room. 
   c. Wallpaper or paint or other fun ways to bring a closet to the next level. 

2. His/Her finishes 
   a. Split finishes and making a clear distinction between his side of the closet and yours 

3. Lighting! 

   a. Directed, recessed lighting, LED lights, or even battery-string lights make it easy to 
   see what you wear and what you don’t. 

 What's OUT: 

1. Basic set-ups. Go beyond a mundane “closet in a box” arrangement and add custom touches that incorporate your creative flair, for instance mix wire shelving with woven baskets – make the closet work for what you need. 

2. Behind the door storage, or hiding everything away. Storage and organization can be fun – and functional! Show it off! 

3. Dark closets. The new closets are light, bright and accessible! 

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  1. Did your daughter’s closet already have the top two cupboards and the storage part at the bottom or is that something that you added?

  2. Love the simple color pallet you chose. I wish my small closet was large enough for a chair of some kind. I had to settle for a stool.



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