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Friday, September 25, 2015

How to Organize a Dresser Drawer of Clothes

To be quite honest with you, I do not believe that everyone must organize the same way or that your drawers have to look a certain way. But, I can at least show you a few ways that I organize my drawers and some other options to give you ideas that will work for you. 

How to Organize a Dresser Drawer of Clothes ::

I've been doing some of my methods LONG before the Konmari book came out...and some of them I do because it's practical,  First, I fold shirts in fourths - and for most everyone I know - this works fabulously! It makes you look into your drawer like a filing cabinet to see the shirt you want and then pick what you want. I have attempted to teach both of my kids to do the same, and they sort of do this with their clothes when they do their laundry.

How to fold a shirt in quarters {similar to Konmari} ::

It's pretty simple and it looks nice in the drawer. I showed you this photo of my folding back in 2010 so I've been doing it this way awhile!

How to fold a shirt in quarters {similar to Konmari} ::

Here it is in the drawer of my husband's closet. He actually loves that I fold his t-shirts this way because he can more easily find the shirt he wants to wear. It's not fancy, it's not perfect, just practical!

How to fold a shirt in quarters {similar to Konmari} ::

In my closet, I actually use a drawer divider to help keep up the shirts which are also fluffy and ruffled, too -- and please forgive this old picture from 2010 because I've come a LONG way since then taking pictures!

How to fold a shirt in quarters {similar to Konmari} ::

Here is a much more modern photo from Redbook illustrating the method. However, I've seen photos of them in PERFECT folded formation and please realize, there is no WAY that they stay folded that perfect or stiff in my drawers! I'm in too big of a hurry and just not OCD to care!

Sock drawer organization |

Another thing you may want to use your dresser drawer for is for your socks! Now, my husband doesn't want his I gladly comply! I fold the tops of them down and throw them in his drawer in no order at all. He likes it that way and it saves me a ton of time. I have mine, pictured above, in a nice sock drawer organizer for my drawer and I LOVE it!

Sock drawer organization |
Another simple idea is to fold your socks in half or quarters like above and stand up like the file. There are sock organizers for this type too. 

Sock drawer organization |
Lovely on a Budget

Here is an idea using Dollar Store baskets {you could also use a shoe box} to roll up your socks and organize like this.

Kids pants drawer organization ::

How about organizing pants in the drawer - like jeans or kids pants? I do it in two ways. You can fold into thirds or into quarters -- it really is based on the size of your drawer and how you'd like to fold them. For my daughter's drawers, above, we fold them in fourths now and file them because her pants are getting longer. 

Jeans folded in thirds laying in drawer ::

For my hubby, we fold in thirds and lay on top of each other. Here are a few more ideas of how to fold your jeans, if you like options:

Rolled up denim jeans in a crate organized ::
Via the Nest

Jeans and pants organized sideways in a drawer ::
Via She Wears She Shares

So, last we have ideas for organizing bras and underwear! I am a no nonsense kind of girl and just lay them in my drawer cup to cup! But, I love this one below:

Bras and panties organized in a drawer ::
Via Real Simple

Basically, keep it simple! If it's easier to lay flat, lay flat. If it takes up less space, fold! How do you like to fold your clothes?

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  1. I saw something like this last year and started folding my shirts this way. My husband put a Billy (IKEA) bookcase in my closet with one rod going one way and two rods going the other. I folded my pants that way and had a milk crate for my shorts. I just put the shorts away for the season. I have dollar store cabinets on top of the bookcase that hold my socks. I am going to store my bras like you illustrated because I think it will also save space. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. My drawers are too deep to put them in this way. But if yours are not too deep it is great. I have another idea. Always put your underwear, etc. that you have just washed in the back of the drawer or the bottom of the pile so everything gets used the same amount of time.

  3. I need a sock organizer but I roll the underwear and it takes less room for me!

  4. I just invented a product with the sole purpose of organizing dressers and closets, in a way that is functional and KEEPS everything organzied for good! Please check out our Kickstarter I know you guys will all love this! I've been using it for months and it's a great system that saves space and keeps clothes neat.

  5. I tried to reply before but somehow it went away.... I LOVE this tip about storing t-shirts like files, I started doing it when you posted it last year! I do it with sweaters too but it is more of a roll into thirds than a fold. My bras I hang from one shoulder strap in the closet so they can air out between wearings and they get aligned cup to cup when I smoosh the hangers together.


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