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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How Does HOARDING affect you?

Let me be honest, I have not broached the subject of hoarding before because I'm honestly not an expert! I have no idea what to tell people, have no patience for not being able to's the truth. But, I know it affects many people and I know that it can consume families with despair and hopelessness. So, I asked my professional organizer contributor, Jill, to talk about Hoarding since she has much more experience with that than I so. I hope you are encouraged and that you can get help if this is something you or a family member or close friend are struggling with. 

How Does HOARDING affect you?

Hoarding disorders can break up families, lead to isolation, and despair. People who hoard typically have homes crammed with stuff they are unable to part with.  There is a greater awareness of the disorder thanks to reality television.  Recent research has found it’s a complex disorder. Therapists and professional organizers can be part of the support team for people suffering from the disorder.

Do you know someone who has hoarding tendencies and needs help?  

You might be eager to help and have the best intentions because you worry about their safety and well-being.

So….how can you support them? 

Unfortunately they may not be willing to accept help and may not see hoarding as an issue, or even recognize its magnitude.  If they are willing to get help, a professional therapist that specializes in the disorder will provide needed support.  A trained professional organizer or a team of organizers may also be called upon when the person is ready to focus on the “stuff.”

You can help your loved one by learning as much as you can about hoarding.  You will also gain a better understanding of their struggle.

Start with the following resources:

This comprehensive website has information about the types and causes of hoarding as well as information about therapy.

If your parent has hoarding tendencies I would suggest this website.

In my opinion, these are 2 of the best books about the disorder at this time.

Buried inTreasures

How Does HOARDING affect you?

Stuff:Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things

How Does HOARDING affect you?

My hope for you is that you obtain a greater understanding of hoarding and are able to offer support and compassion to your loved one.

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  1. We have a 5 bedroom house that held a lot of crap! We recently did a lot of work to our home in hopes of selling and I can't tell you the things I got rid of from all through the house. My house is organized. It is so easy to put things away and even easier to find things that I need. We want to buy a smaller house so I will get rid of more but this is like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


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