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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Home Office Organizing

If spending up to 6+ hours a day in a home office doesn't sound fun, I can say that having it look pretty and being organized makes a HUGE difference in that time I spend. Granted, I DO spend a lot of time doing projects around my house - which is mostly what I blog about - so I'm not sitting all day there. But, for the many, many hours I AM  - it's so nice to look at a beautiful view! 

Amazing home office filled with color and texture ::

HERE is the view I left you with last week when I revealed my home office! Isn't it fabulous? I really do love it! So much texture and color! It totally shows my style off! Anyway, now I want to show you what's IN all those boxes on my shelves because they are full of stuff to keep me organized.

Filed drawer in the Ikea Alex file drawer unit ::

The Alex series is the Ikea desk drawer set that I got. Maybe it surprises you, but I haven't exactly gone and made this drawer "beautiful" and color coordinated. It's organized, but in all honesty, filing is one of my least favorite things to do in my office. I put it off constantly. Some day I'll make it look better, but for now things are filed! All of the drawers look pretty much like this - I have three sets of them since I used three Alex file drawer units. This has files for our household, another has files for all my business transactions, and the third one has all our tax information and escrow-type papers. Here are the drawers and how I've organized them:

Organized drawer inside the Ikea Alex file drawer unit ::

Organized drawer inside the Ikea Alex file drawer unit ::

Organized drawer inside the Ikea Alex file drawer unit ::

Organized drawer inside the Ikea Alex file drawer unit ::

Organized drawer inside the Ikea Alex file drawer unit ::

The other drawers hold everything and then some. I have a couple of empty drawers - believe it or not!

Open Shelving in the home office ::

As for the open shelving, here's how I organize in all those containers and baskets. I might add that there are even a couple of them that are empty! 

Office Supplies organized inside an Ikea containers on open shelving ::

Camera lenses organized inside an Ikea containers on open shelving ::

Here are the Ikea containers. I filled one of them with office supplies and the other with camera equipment. 

Here is the wooden box on the top shelf near the window. I have it filled with my essential oil empty bottles for display or for samples for classes I teach.

Miscellaneous things organized inside a basket weave box in the home office ::

Miscellaneous things organized inside a basket weave box in the home office ::

Printer paper in a basket in the home office ::

The baskets add texture to my wall - a rough texture. That was important to me. So, I used them to hold various supplies and this one, above, to hold printer paper. 

Command hooks in a small box in the home office ::

There is even a small box that I use to hold my command hooks and things.

Plastic Ikea magazine file boxes on open shelving in home office ::

Open shelving in home office ::

These plastic magazines files are perfect  to hold all my class teaching sheets, product guides, and more for my essential oils business

Printer unit in home office ::

Printer unit in home office ::

And last, my printer stand. It's fabulous! I love this because I can hide my printer and the paper shredder inside the desk. I can open it up during the day to use it while working, then close it up in the evening. 

Open Shelving look beautiful in home office ::

As you can see, a home office is important for this organizing gal! I LOVE it and hope it inspires you to work on using unusual ways to organize your office space, too! What is your favorite way to organize things in an unusual way?

Here are all the sources for my office: 

Ikea Desk pieces: 

Ikea Shelf:

Aläng Lamp - Ikea
Chair - vintage, free from friend
Fan - Target
Weave baskets - Home Goods
Plants - Ikea and Home Goods
Yellow mirror - Target {on clearance in white}
Binders - Target
Wallpaper - Etsy
Spray Paint - Rustoleum

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  1. Very cute office! I love the alex units for filing but the link you posted for them takes me to a unit that doesn't have a large bottom drawer. Do you know if they still offer the filing unit?

  2. Your old office was pretty great but this is fabulous! I especially love the printer storage.

  3. I am glad to see I am not the only one who has to label the tape measure as mine in order for the family not to swipe it!

  4. Gorgeous! I love the bright colors. Where did you get the teal file holder shown in the last picture, it is to the right of the lamp? Thanks!

  5. Such a great post and very timely for me! Thank you!

  6. I love your office! That wallpaper is amazing!

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. where did you get the black labels for the magazine holders? or did you make them? Thank you

  9. I'm just putting together and filling the Alex drawer/file unit we bought. I've been having a hard time fitting the hanging file folders in it. I notice you didn't put the metal rods through the holes of the plastic bits that fit on top of the drawer, so I'll follow your lead. Have your folders stayed where you've put them? Thank you


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