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Monday, January 26, 2015

11 Ways to Organize Pots and Pans

This time of year, we're all trying to get organized - I am! I have been trying to work on getting my home office super efficient and organized, and I also realize that the pots and pans area in my kitchen is fine but I'm always looking for new ways to organize things. So, I've come up with 11 ways you can organize your pots and pans - maybe one will inspire YOU to get inspired too and try it!

Pots and pans organized neatly

1. This is sort of how I keep mine - in a drawer. My cupboards came with a set of drawers, so I keep them that way, stacked.

Pots and pans drawer
Source: BHG

2. I love how Ginny of Organizing Homelife took a great idea and made it inexpensive

Pots and pans organized
Source: Organizing Homelife

3. My friend, Laura used a dollar store set to make hers divide up like this! So clever these ladies!

Pots and pans organized with dollar store divider
Source: OrgJunkie

4. I found this cool idea from Glideware where it glides out and you hang the pots from it. 

Hanging pot and pan organizer inside cupboard
Source: Glideware.com

5. Here's a tension rod with shower hooks to hold pots and pans!

Pots and pans hanging by curtain rod inside cupboard
Source: DIY Home Sweet Home

6. This is an amazing, and fancy divider drawer system! Pretty cool and super organized!

Pots and pans divider drawer
Source: Kevin and Amanda

7. This homeowner took the drawer and made her own dividers to keep pans organized and neat!

Drawer to organize pots and pans
Source: Seeded at the Table

8. OK, I saw this and thought it was really clever if you have the room to stack your pans inside your cupboard or on the counter. I found it HERE affordably.

A Pan Tree for organizing pots and pans
Source: Pantree.com

9. I love pegboard. This is a fun and inexpensive way to organize your pots and pans!

Pegboard for organizing pots and pans
Source: Apartment Therapy

10. I love this clever kitchen island idea, too!

Kitchen Island with pots organized hanging

11. And, last, if you have the ceiling height to do it, hanging them over your kitchen sink is another idea! 

Pots and Pans over kitchen sink hanging
Source: RedouxInteriors.com

So, which way is your favorite? Do you have a special way to keep your pots and pans organized? Please share!

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  1. Thanks for including my link Becky!!

  2. These are great ideas that I will be implementing ASAP! I have a pots and pans crisis at my home!

  3. I've been trying to reorganize my kitchen and love this post. I opted to use a couple of drawers to stack my pots in and it's been awesome! I love all of these great idea! Thanks so much for your helpful recommendations!


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