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Monday, October 6, 2014

11 Ways to Organize with Binder Clips

If you want an easy, cheap way to organize -- try binder clips! Not kidding -- they are easy to change by using paint or washi tape and come in all kinds of sizes! I've found 11 ways to use them to organize! 

11 Ways to Organize with Binder Clips :: OrganizingMadeFun.com
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1. Use them to organize small cables and wires for our smart phone! 

Organize your smart phone cable with binder clips :: OrganizingMadeFun.com
Organizing Made Fun

2. Use them to organize paper like this -- using a plastic {or cardboard} file box separate into colors and use the binder clips to label!

Organize paper into colors with binder clips to label :: OrganizingMadeFun.com
Source: September Blue

3. If you need to group things, binder clips are great for that!

Binder Clips for sorting things :: OrganizingMadeFun.com
Source: Craft Addict

4. Use binder clips to clip your rubber gloves and hang from a Command Hook

Binder clips for hanging rubber gloves :: OrganizingMadeFun.com
Source: Organize with Sandy

5. Use binder clips instead of having hanging files in your cabinet inside of file folders. 

Binder clips for hanging files :: OrganizingMadeFun.com
Source: Third Story{ies}

6. Binder clips make great paint tube organizers! Isn't this a great idea?

Artist's paint tubes organized with binder clips :: OrganizingMadeFun.com
Source: Pinterest

7.  Using pegboard and a hook these binder clips help keep tool parts organized, too! 

Organized tool parts with binder clips :: OrganizingMadeFun.com
Source: Handyman

8. Using gold, classy binder clips, organize linen napkins or placemat in a drawer. 

Using binder clips to organize cloth napkins or placemats :: OrganizingMadeFun.com
Source: BHG

9. Not sure whose wine glass or water glass is whose? Use binder clips to keep them organized. 

Use binder clips or assorted colors to keep organized :: OrganizingMadeFun.com
Source: Good Housekeeping

10. This is great for teachers, but you could do it with really any kind of material you had that they would fit on - using binder clips to organize bulletin board boarders on command hooks.

Organize bulletin board boarders with binder clips :: OrganizingMadeFun.com
Source: Finally in First

11. Keep cords for your computer or smart phone from dangling around and organized with binder clips on the edge of your desk!

Organize cords with binder clips :: OrganizingMadeFun.com
Source: Life Hacks
Aren't binder clips so amazingly hackable? Yes! They can do way more than just clip paper. What are some ways that you use binder clips?

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