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Monday, July 7, 2014

Small Space Organizing - RV storage

We recently were given the privilege of getting an RV to "babysit" {or RV-sit} for a few years. Yes, you heard that right! It's a bit of a story, but basically a family member moved far away and didn't want to take the RV with them so they asked us if we could watch it for a year or two until they decide if and when they wanted to make the long hall with it to their far away place. So, of course, we said "SURE!". And so I had the opportunity to organize this small space - and let me tell you, it's fun! I found all kinds of ways to maximize the small space of the RV and store a lot more than expected. {Click "Read More" below the picture to find out lots of GREAT ways I found to organize in small spaces}.

Organizing for your RV or really small space::

I'm also going to fess up - I'm not a camper. I consider myself a "Glamper" all the way. I didn't grow up camping {like tent, wilderness} and I don't feel deprived one bit. As I get older, I can definitely say that having a "home on wheels" is the way I'd choose to go camping! How about you? 

Use a shoe organizer on the back of closet doors in a small space or RV to maximize space ::

So, I wanted to show you a few of the ways I found to organize the RV and maximize the space in this small space - so if you have a tiny home or an RV, you can take some of these and use for your own ideas. 

If things are too big or don't fit, be creative to make them work ::

The first thing I've found is that you have to use regular items and sort of tweak them to fit in the RV because it doesn't have anything standard sized in there. So, I took a shoe pocket organizer that I bought at Target {and THIS one I plan to purchase and put on another closet door soon}, and put it on the back of the closet doors - which are like cabinet doors. The small organizer was still too long, so to make it fit, I just simply pinned the bottom under and used the rest of it to store extra goodies.

Ways to maximize a closet in a small space ::

The other closet in the RV I got pretty organized too. I bought {also from Target} a plastic drawer organizer so we could make a small "tool/junk drawer" {every home has to have one}, plus drawers for the kids to put their clothes. Then, on top of that a bin that can do double duty as a towel organizer {since the towels can fall over while driving} and it has handles to double as recycling bin or anything else.

Using cabinet door organizers in an RV work great ::

I also bought cabinet door wire organizers {like THIS one} - since these cabinet doors are as thin as cabinet door - and use those to hold extra soaps while traveling and then can be use to hold kids stuff while we're camped.

Command Hooks for the back of closet doors, so it's not permanent ::

And, I bought the command hooks {HERE} that are water resistant because I was going to put them in the bathroom but decided to put on the back of the other closet door until I can find a pocket organizer that can fit these - they are much smaller than other closet doors. 

Suction cup organizer didn't work, so used command hooks ::

The last place I did some organizing was under the kitchen sink. I couldn't use the over-the-door cabinet hangers like I had on the other closet because these cabinet doors are very small but also have a "hump" on them that sticks out for the RV stuff so it didn't work. Instead I used this one that has suction cups - only the suction cups wouldn't work because the cabinet veneer was too slippery. Again, I got creative and use two command hooks I found in the Dollar Spot at Target and took off the suction cups. They worked great and stuck well!

More command hooks for under the kitchen counter to hang BBQ tools ::

WAY underneath the sink I noticed that there were BBQ tooks laying on the bottom, so I got some more command hooks and hung them up right under the sink. It works great and they don't even "clank" around while we're driving. 

Small Space Organizing in the RV ::

We had a nice, short getaway this weekend to test out the whole thing -- and I think I'm getting some other ideas for maximizing the space even more! I love organizing, can you tell? I hope you got some great ideas!

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