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Monday, June 9, 2014

Organizing those Summer things in your closet!

My closet is one of my favorite "projects" I've done in our home. About six years ago, I saved up and bought myself the most wonderful closet organizer to totally get my closet working for me. I took off the doors of the closet and put curtains on instead. Why?

Master Bedroom closet -- doors off, curtains to separate ::

Well, I'm not crazy. But, it actually makes the room look bigger and since the closet is decked out with a nice organizer, it's nice to look at too! 

Flip flops disorganized ::

Today, I want to share a few extra ways I organize in my closet to save space! Recently, I've noticed that my flip flop collection was getting messy. I didn't have room to set them up side by side, and they kept falling over. 

Small milk crate basket from Target ::

So, I picked up this cute basket at Target and decided it would be perfect for organizing my flip flops!

Simply organized flip flops with a basket ::

Super simple, and this can hold about ten pairs of flip flops - I don't have ten pairs, but now I can justify getting more, right?

Organize strapless maxi-dresses by hanging over pants' hangers. Also keeps them from dragging on the floor ::

Another thing that is difficult to organize in the closet are my strapless maxi dresses. I don't WEAR them strapless, as you can see above. But, I can "hang" two dresses on one pants' hanger and don't have problems with wrinkles and they don't need drag on the floor of my closet!

Organize strapless maxi-skirts by hanging over pants' hangers. Also keeps them from dragging on the floor ::

The last tip I have is similar. It's for maxi skirts. When I put in my closet system, long maxi skirts and dresses weren't really "in style" and so I didn't really think that I had to have super tall hanging space when planning my closet organizer. So, the same problem, they were dragging on the floor!

Flip flops organized with simple basket ::

I moved a few things around in my closet so that the basket would fit easily. It does! It gives me a lot more space and less clutter! Now, how's that for fun organizing?

Organize dresses by color to help coordinate outfits more easily ::

OK, last thing - I organize all my clothes by color. This especially helps me when I'm trying to get some inspiration from Pinterest to find outfits. Do you organize your closet like that also? If not, how do you organize your closet {or how do you WANT to organize it}?

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