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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Amazing Front yard Make-Over!

It.Is.Done!!!! Yay, my front yard make-over is done! I can't believe it and it's so amazing to think that my yard went from this {where I left you last time}....

Front yard progression :: this!

Gorgeous, drought tolerant front yard ::

Wow! It's got so much more function, more purpose, and WAY less watering!

Before: Front Yard expense of having green grass in a drought-like area ::

Some of you may say "but I loved your pretty, green grass it looked nice." Well, I'd say that you could pay our water bill. It would cost us about $200+ a month to keep it green in the summer. In a place where we don't get much rain and are currently in a drought, THIS is the way to go!

Front yard with sitting wall and flagstone patio ::

This has so much pizzaz and personality. The plants have now established themselves a bit, and look great! I had the landscaper design a front patio. He came up with having this sitting wall along the flagstone patio. It's perfect. The patio solved the problem of opening up car doors on our long driveway and stepping somewhere other than a row of plants and bushes. 

Steps towards the front porch ::

Plus, when people come over and head out, they stay and mingle and chat on the patio. You can now go from the sidewalk to the front door - another issue we had before with all grass.

Front yard makeover - from grass to gorgeous ::

We are now the talk of the neighborhood. No one has anything like this on our street. Everyone has the plain grass lawn - which is fine - but this definitely stands out now, plus our blue house! This, above, is looking down hill and you can see the other little area with the pea gravel and little sitting area.

Before and Now - curb gone, grass gone, awkward plants gone ::

I want you to notice some of the difference I mentioned. {A} There was a curb before - that's now gone, thanks to my hubby using his cement saw. {B} People who parked on our driveway when they came over would open their car doors and have to climb over bushes to get out. {C} There was no path to the front door, so you'd have to walk through the grass, which was sometimes wet. These were all concerns we have, as we entertain a lot and have people over so much. We wanted it to be welcoming to our friends and neighbors.

Underground Drainage ::

What you can't see, is there is an underground drainage pipe running diagonal in our yard. This is great because they directed the gutters near the front of the house right into the ground drainage pipe. It goes down diagonally because we live on a slight incline/hill and there is a pop-up that the water comes out on the other side.

Front Yard Makeover - drought tolerant and functional ::

Here is the house at dusk. It's a beautiful site in the evening with the lights on and the yard glowing! Next week, I'll share with you all the plants and their names and explain any more things if you have a question about it. What do you think? Would you ever trade in your grass for a drought tolerant look?

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