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Friday, November 15, 2013

Our Front Yard - Going Native!

So, our front yard....it's looking rather bad right now. Really bad. It's ALL dirt. 

We ripped out everything in the front. Everything. No more bushes, no more grass, no more flowers...nothing except ONE small tree. Why in the world would we do that?

Well, our city is paying us $1 a square foot to do that {up to 1,000 square feet}. And, our water bill from watering all that grass had been quite ridiculous, to say the least. We've already gone green installing solar panels and have no more electric bill, so why not really push it and save even more by having a small water bill? Here in Southern California, which is a desert region, it costs a lot to keep your grass looking pretty and green. This is why the city is doing this, so we plant native plants that require much less water to keep alive and beautiful.

Please don't be jealous of the fancy looking yard...I know it's hard!! We DO have a deadline and we are a little concerned about meeting that deadline, but we are hoping to hire out a portion of the rest of the front yard. Is this concept absurd to some of you? 

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