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Friday, August 9, 2013

I heart my fridge

I know...it's a weird thing to love your fridge, but I do! We had a side by side fridge for almost 17 years when we gave it to someone else and it just didn't keep me nearly as organized as my new fridge!

It's probably one place that I like to keep the most organized in my home. Is that weird, too? But, because everyone is in and out of it so much, it's one of the hardest places to keep organized. 

So, I have a few things I use to help keep it organized. First of all, I have "zones". Maybe my family doesn't always see my "zones" but they are there. See, I try to keep things in order. I haven't formally labeled it but this is my set up, for most days! 

I LOVE to use the {Scotch-brand} washi tape for labeling my left overs. 

I also have two beverage containers in my fridge filled with yummy juices or iced tea so the kids can fill up after school or when friends come over. They work great! So, it's nice to label them with the Scotch washi tape - since it's so easy to take off and on - when we put different types of drinks in there. 

I also have some neat clear storage bins in my fridge and I label them with the washi tape for what is currently in them - usually the same thing but it does change occasionally and it's easy to take off and switch out. 

My favorite part of my fridge is this snack drawer! Were you wondering where I kept this stuff? It's perfect for the kids to open and close and get whatever out they need. It's the main reason I got this fridge. {OK, maybe the wine isn't for the kids...}

The freezer is another fun place. It holds way more than I expected! You can see I've used other bins to organize it but it also has an extra drawer inside of it! Very clever!

Well, I just wanted to show you some of the fun ways I have used washi tape in my fridge! I also have a secret -- I LOVE washi tape. I got these different ones from Scotch to try out and I loved them in my fridge so I also tried them out in my office! Pretty versatile, huh?

I got myself a wall calendar {from Office Depot} because I need something in my office to keep me on track with stuff that I can just visually look up at quickly and know the dates and such.

So, I gave each person a different tape to tell who is who on the calendar! Works great! 

Use this coupon in store: click on picture to print

Are you excited about washi tape now? This Scotch Brand Expressions tape is now at Office Depot - one of my favorite places to go. Not kidding, was just there the other day getting school supplies!! And, as you can see, there is a plethora of ways to use washi tape - I am only just getting started! 

If you'd like to get your own, guess what? I have a coupon!!! Go HERE or click the above picture and you will get a coupon to purchase your Scotch Expressions washi tape at Office Depot - there are all kinds of great patterns and colors you can choose from!

Disclosure: I received 3M Expressions Tape to help facilitate this review and was compensated by Office Depot for my time. For more information, 
about Scotch Expressions Tape at Office Depot, visit them at: Office Depot Scotch Expressions Tape

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