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Monday, July 29, 2013

How to keep your whole family organized!

If you haven't already heard me talk about this, you'll surely hear from me here and there. I'm a big fan of schedules and planning ahead. A BIG fan. 

How to keep your whole family organized |

My favorite way to keep our family organized and communicating about our schedules is with the Cozi app. I have been using Cozi for well over 3 years. The best part is that Cozi just gets better and better all the time, as they enhance and make it better! 

Keeping your family organized with Cozi |

Here is a screen shot of the grocery list, which is great, because you can have this with you at all times and check off as you go, plus you have your calendar in the same app!
Keeping your family organized with Cozi |

There are way more features besides just lists...the calendar is amazing. It's seriously the ONLY calendar my husband would use. He puts things on there, amazingly, for me to be able to know what plans he has for work dinners or 

Here are some brand NEW features they just came out with THIS week:

·         Numerous improvements to Shopping List and To Do List features (for all accounts – free and Gold): easier item check-off, other list actions happen all on the same screen (like drag and drop for rearranging items and list editing)
·         NEW Cozi Gold feature - Shopping Mode: the no-fuss way to shop optimized for the best in-store experience ever. No-dim full screen view (the list stays on and in place on your mobile screen – if you put your phone in your pocket to check out some produce, your list is visible and in place when you get it back out, just like a piece of paper!), checked items move to bottom to clear the list as you shop, items added by other family members are highlighted, and more.
·         NEW Cozi Gold feature - Calendar Change Notifications: this top-requested customer feature is a quick and easy way to keep everyone in the know – alert others when you make a change to an appointment or event, find out when others make a change.

HERE IS BIG ONE: every new free account will receive a Back to School Goodie Bag of discounts and deals for things families are thinking about for the new school year. I will share the URL for the promotion landing page when it’s live, but in the mean time here is the list of items in the Goodie Bag:

·         25% off ChicoBags
Earth-friendly and unforgettable reusable bags, packs and totes
·         25% off See Kai Run
The coolest urban footwear for kids
·         $10 ArtKive credit
Share & store kids' art/school work and turn them into easy-to-make books
·         10% off Zulily for new customers
Daily deals for moms, babies and kids
·         $5 off $50 purchase at Mabel's Labels
Personalized labels for the stuff kids lose
·         $39 Premium Red Apple Reading Subscription
Lifetime access to online reading tutoring for up to 3 kids
·         10% off $60 purchase at Laptop Lunches
Lunch boxes, utensils, extra containers, thermoses and more
·         FREE 3-month VolunteerSpot upgrade
The easiest way to organize helpers for the classroom, clubs, teams and more

Woohoo!! I love Cozi! So, if you are trying to get your family ready to go back to school, try using the Cozi app. There are so many features and cool things - I have even linked up my Cozi calendar with my Google calendar, not kidding! I just heard that they also are adding another feature: calendar notifications - that allows you to easily let others in the family know when you add, remove or change an appointment. This will be available on your iPhone soon, but you can get Cozi on just about any smart phone or tablet out there! 

Keeping your family organized with Cozi |

Click on any of the pictures above or go HERE to sign up for FREE!!! If you already use Cozi, please leave a comment about why you love it and how it's helping your family!

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Disclosure: I have partnered with Cozi app to bring your this fabulous way to keep your family organized. Affiliate links are within this post! 

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