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Monday, June 24, 2013

Spontaneous Organizing Challenge!

Who loves a good challenge? Who loves spontaneous organization? ME, ME, ME!!!

Well, if you have ever followed me on Instagram, you would see this occasionally! I also blogged about it a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes the very best organizing comes at the spur of the moment -- when the mood hits. I feel that organizing when you "plan" to do it may not always yield the best results as when you just jump in and do it. BUT, it's still a necessary part of life that things need to get organized - even for an organized gal like me. I mean, I DO live with other people in the house!

So, the challenge is, look around your house. Is there something, even just a small area, that's needed to be done. Just re-organized? When you get the bug, grab you phone and take a quick before shot. Then, start organizing and getting your stuff out of that spot that doesn't belong. Put things away, wipe down, put back nice and neat. BAM! You've just done some spontaneous organizing! Then, take an after photo -- you'll be amazed! Use a cute app like Diptic to make a collage {or just tag a before and after pic} and show it off! Tag me - @beckyb_omf - on Instagram with the hashtag #spontaneousorganizing and I'll follow you and check out your awesome spot -- maybe even feature you on Instagram! Who's up for the challenge?

P.S. You can do this on Twitter as well, if you don't have Instagram! And NOW...if you don't have either of those, but want to join on Facebook -- use the hashtag #spontaneousorganizing and we can check out your space there, too!

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