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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Organized Resolutions: Keeping the house clean and an Oreck Giveaway!

This year and last year, I am giving you motivation to help you get yourself organized. My Organized Resolutions series will run every Wednesday this month. Today I am going to talk about keeping the house clean...but best of all, I've got a FANTASTIC giveaway from Oreck--The Bagless Vacuum and Steam Mop!!!!

NY Resolution Medium 

I have admitted time and again that I do NOT like to clean. I do not attempt to fool you into thinking that I think cleaning is fun! Organizing is fun for me. Cleaning is not. I hope you're not disappointed -- this IS Organizing Made Fun, not Cleaning Made Fun! My point is, I'm lazy when it comes to cleaning. I'm always looking for the easiest possible way to keep my house looking clean and clutter-free without actually having to do a lot of that cleaning!

By far, my most popular post I've ever written is my 15 Minutes a Day of Cleaning! The picture above has been pinned over 550,000 times. I'm not joking...I can prove it! My biggest criticisms from others are that you should DUST before you VACUUM. I only used the schedule above to show what I did when my kids were babies and dusting was all I could manage on Tuesdays and I had more time on Mondays to vacuum. It was only for an example that you could actually keep a small home clean in 15 minutes a day. I still do something similar 13 years later {Yes, I have a teenager now}. 

I encourage you to find some sort of routine in this New Year to keep your home clutter-free and clean. I have found yet another amazing tool that is helping me to cut time and clean faster and easy! It's the Oreck Versa-Vac.

I'm all about cleaning with natural products. I love a steam mop because there is nothing but steam cleaning and sanitizing my floors! I've had TWO steam mops before -- both died within a year of purchasing them. Big B-O-O!! Versa-Vac comes with a 2 year warranty! Y-A-Y!! It has all kinds of great features like a long cord {which is important to me}, it vacuums AND it steam mops, it has an easy to see and use dial on the front AND {another cool part} a lock to hold down the steam when you mop. The steam part dries up quickly! When you're done vacuuming, you can pop the "mop" part on and turn the dial to steam mop.

Here is why I LOVE a steam mop. Do you see this nasty mess above? We were dog sitting a little chihuahua. And, apparently, when I leave and close the door she drools really bad and walks through it because she's upset that I'm gone. Lovely! So, it was the perfect place to test out the Versa-Vac. I first vacuumed -- although this was caked on and nothing really came of the vacuum, but it vacuumed up the dog fur. Then, I put the mop on and turned it to steam. I can clean my floors and sanitize them without any cleaners!! I love that. 

Here is what it looked like ten minutes later. It dries FAST, too! We have hardwood floors in about 3/4 of our house and then vinyl sheeting {similar to linoleum} in the rest of the house {only carpet is in our small master bedroom}. This is able to work on all kinds of surfaces so go HERE to check out more about it. Are you ready to win one of these? I am telling you that you SO want to have one....I LOVE mine!! Here is what you have to do to enter to try and win one - - go to the Rafflecopter widget below {for email subscribers, you'll need to click on the post title at the top of this email} and enter. I've given you lots of ways to enter and the only required entry is that you need to go and visit to learn a little bit more than what I told you here about the Versa Vac. No big deal! So...enter away! And tell your friends, too!! This giveaway ends next week so don't wait to enter!!!

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