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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Organizing Gift Ideas

It's that time of year again -- time to figure out what in the world you want to get that special someone in your life! Well, I have LOTS of great gift ideas for you or your special person to consider - that will get you organized! 

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I asked my Facebook fans, a couple of weeks ago, what they would want for Christmas that had to do with cleaning and organizing. Guess what they chose? 

Here are all the ideas they gave me -- there were more, but this is most of them! Great ideas, right? You can click on any of the pictures to find where they are.

1. Roomba Vacuum
2. Dyson Slim
3. Elfa Closet System
4. Hoover Floormate
5. Neat Receipt Scanner
6. Maid Service
7. Silhouette/Cricut machine for labeling
8. Professional Organizer
9. Norwex Cleaning Rags
10. Oxo Containers

WOW- these are great ideas for someone to give YOU or give to someone who wants to get organized! I say, if you can get maid service or a professional organizer to help you out for a Christmas gift - GO for it! 

Next, I have some of my favorite ideas for organizing. These are things you could give someone, or if you want to be extra organized, a great idea for a gift for yourself!

1. Organize Now: week by week guide - a great book to help get you on track and organized!
2. Hair care rack - of course you want to look good and keep your hair tools tidy and neat.
3. Garment bag organizer - for the person in your life that travels a lot.
4. Stacking jewelry organizer - this would be great in a top drawer of a dresser to organize your jewelry.
5. Mounting tie organizer - for the man in your life to get organized!
6. Under cabinet K-cup organizer - this is pretty neat to organize those and keep them tucked away!
7. Fridge Binz - I have these and I LOVE them! Keep your stuff organized and tidy in there.
8. Car Organizer - everyone needs this if they own a car. It's great to keep important things and move things quickly in one container.

And last, these are special to me because they are from my wonderful sponsors who have GREAT gifts that you could enjoy or give to others.

1. Lay N Go Cosmo - I have one of these and it's seriously great to use this when I'm traveling, especially, to hold all my make up, but they also have large mats for Legos or other toys to tote around!
2. Getting Organized Magazine Subscription - who would NOT want this? Umm, yes please!
3. Professional Organizers - I have a full page full of all kinds of professional organizers who have linked up from all over the WORLD! They would LOVE to help you get your house organized!
4. An Ebook for lowering your grocery bills - I think this one is pretty obvious! And, it's FREE! Plus she has more you to learn in her other Ebook on grocery savings! YOU can get a  20% discount on my book Grocery Savings Strategies.  You can get this discount through December 10th at
5. 5 Dinners in On Hour has some fantastic Ebooks and a new one on clean eating - make five dinners in one hour each week using her recipes. 
6. See Jane Work - they have fantastic and beautiful office supplies. Wouldn't it be fun to get something fancy and special to make your home office organized and pretty?
7. Clean Mama - her editable and printable schedules and plans and homekeeping documents are amazing! What a great gift to give someone or receive!
8. Christian Ebooks - a site loaded full of Christian ebooks for your E-reader!
9. Confident Mom - she's got your 2013 planner ready for you to plan your hear ahead!
10. The Sydnee Organizer - I was sent one of these neat Ipad organizers to try out! It's super neat and I loved it. You would probably love to check it out and see how it works to handle Iphones, Ipads, and more in one place!
11. Clever Container -- DBL designs has all kinds of GREAT organizing products that would make great Christmas gifts. 

Whatever you decide to give for your Christmas gifts - may it be organized! If you want to get organized {or clean} ask for things to help you get organized and clean! Have you got your Christmas shopping done yet?

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