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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How sharpies help me organize!

How in the world could I dedicate a whole post to a type of pen? Well, Sharpies are my favorite pen {this isn't a sponsored post, either, just love them}. I love that they come in every imaginable color.

How could a pen help you organize? Yes, people, they do. I love that they are smooth and make my writing look like a font you could only dream of. I love how they come in so many colors! 

Photo courtesy of my sneaky Iphone
I use them to help me keep our family on track with our wall calendar. I DO have a digital calendar that I use for just about everything, but my kids and Hubby like to SEE things that are happening and I like being able to write them down.

So, I have given everyone a "color" that I use to write things down on the calendar that are coming up. It's simple, but it works. This calendar is great for my general information, where my Cozi calendar is for my more detailed information.

I plan my meals mostly using Pinterest - how about you? The sharpies {or whatever your colored pen of choice is} are such a great way to keep you and your family organized.

Have you got a favorite colored pens you like to use? Have you tried any of this fun with your calendars? Please share!

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