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Friday, June 22, 2012

The roof is done, the roof is done!

I know this isn't the most exciting organizing post of your life, but having been working on the curb appeal {windows, doors, paint, roof} and back patio for awhile now - like since November - it's so nice to see another thing done! Our roof {and chimneys} are done and looking nice. Is it totally done? Well, not quite - we still have the gutters on the front. And the back patio looks AMAZING and it's got a little left to do before I can show you the most incredible patio cover I've ever seen!

So, here is our beautiful front of the house! I love it - yes, I love color! I'm not afraid of it and I'm so glad that we painted it this color. With all the people who come over, it's easy to spot our house from a block away! It's unique and not boring and it's totally me. 

You can see, before, that it was bland and sad. It lacked any personality and was in desperate need of a paint job. Here is how things started....

Last summer we got the holes drilled into our walls and insulation blown in. Then, we realized how bad the windows were and that all the energy saved on the walls being insulated was "going out the windows" and so we decided to just do those, too.

Well, as with any project, it snow balled...and we ultimately decided on doing much more - thanks to some seriously great re-financing and super duper low interest rates, we have a "little" bit more than we had originally anticipated!! In all seriousness, we just plan to be here a long time {Lord willing} and want the house to fit our uses and be what we want it to be. 

Anyway, all that to say here is what was done on the roof: New roof {big job}, new stone on the chimney to match outdoor kitchen stone, chimney mantle, fancy chimney cap, and there are clips ready to install solar panels. The solar panels are going to be a bit because we are waiting on the city - they have run out of "rebate" money for them and it's worth it to wait until it's there again. So, they look a little strange for now and it may be {gulp!} six months before we get the panels because the city is doing a whole "lottery" for who can get the rebate money - I guess more and more people are doing solar panels so it's a good thing, just bad for us waiting! So, there you have it! A new roof...done!

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