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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Road Trip packing!

Well, the week before the Spring into Organization Home Tour, my family enjoyed a week away in Oregon! I thought I'd share with you how we packed our van for a road trip plus a few of our favorite photos from the trip!

So, what does this have to do with organizing? LOTS...

I got those recycling bins at Ikea. One is larger than the other.

My plan was to use them in the van on our long road trip - two days - up to Oregon. 

So, I loaded up the bottom one with supplies to take up that we may need to get into but not a lot, and the top one {the smaller of the two} to load up with snack food for in the van. Then, I faced them towards the kids' seats so they could reach the food {and pass up to Mom and Dad also} while we were on the road. Of course, that's all part of a road trip - getting to eat fun food while on the road. And, like I've told you before, my kids aren't normally allowed to eat in the van so this was fun for them!

To keep the kids busy and quiet - as much as possible - I set up  an organized bin for their DVDs, crayons, headphones and pencils.

I also put activity books into inexpensive magazine file boxes and then used a binder clip to hold them together so they wouldn't fall over in the van.

How did it work? My kids loved it and it all held up pretty well the two days up, every day while up there, and two days back home again.

And now...for the photos from the trip - via Instagram!

We traveled from Los Angeles up to Oregon for the kids' spring break - which turned out to be pretty fun! I also shared much of it on Instagram throughout the week! Here's the Instagram photos to share with you now, since most of you don't follow me on there.


As you can see, we started out with a lot of rain and traffic. But, quickly it went away {the traffic but not the rain}. My kids took advantage of modern technology with Ipad and DVDs and lots of busy things.

We had our first stop in Redding, CA - which is where my friend Anna of Ask Anna lives! So, we all went out to dinner and hung out for the evening. Our hubbies had lots to talk about - both being bankers/CU guys - and Malea loved Rachel!

Then, we hit lots of snow in the top of California on our second day. We made it through and headed into Oregon, with a stop at Fiddler's Green for our son to try out some clubs. He's now a golfer like his dad - his middle school has a golf club that he's in, too!

We stayed in a lovely, little house! It was precious and we have found that staying in a home or condo actually saves us money since we don't eat out so much. Plus, we have our own bedrooms and a washer/dryer! 

We spent some fun times going shopping and the movies. It was a business trip for my hubby turned into vacation so while he worked for the one day, we went out shopping and bowling!


Got some gelato {sorbetto for me} every night at our favorite gelato shop! My new coat - for ALL that rain.....


And then we had a surprise that Wednesday morning when we woke up...and it never seemed to stop snowing, either!


Who goes on spring break for snow and rain? Well, we got to visit Tillamook Cheese Factory...and enjoy the cheese, well, everyone except me since I can't eat dairy!

But, despite all the snow, we all had a wonderful time!


Once it got a little bit warmer {by Friday}, we headed to Portland and even got to see a little sunshine!


Headed back to California, where it rained some more ALL the way back home! We stopped briefly to see my parents who live in Central California on our way home....and now we're home! I hope you got some good tips to organize for your next road trip!

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