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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring into Organization: Home #1 Tour

Welcome to the first ever Organized Bloggers' Home Tour! Each of the nine bloggers this week will give you full access to one area of our homes that we have organized and show you all the organizing we've done there! Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of this post. We're giving away TWO books by Laura Wittman - Clutter Rehab. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity!

I'm Becky. Welcome to my home! 

I am excited to be able to show you my master bedroom, master closet, and master bathroom! You are going to see some "never before seen" pictures, too! Hang on and be prepared to be inspired to organize!!

We have a small master bedroom, by some standards. So, I have done my best to organize it and make it seem bigger than it really is.

The room is 13 ft x 13 ft, and there is this bump that is behind the bedroom door which is only 26 inches 
from the end of the bed. 

The "pot of gold" in the bedroom is the closet. I took off the closet doors and hung drapes to the side which actually don't close {they can't close} - good reason to keep the closet neat and tidy. Having the open closet has actually made the room feel bigger by expanding the floor space into the closet.  

We put in a nice, built-in closet system. It incorporates a dresser inside the closet so I don't have to have a dresser in our small bedroom. 

Inside each drawer is organized according to type of clothes.

Instead of folding the casual shirts traditionally, I fold them in fourths and then line them up going back. It saves a ton of space and you can easily pick which shirt you want without making a mess of all the others.

To keep the drawers more "private" and pretty, I cut cardboard to fit the front of the drawer and then wrapped with pretty wrapping paper.


I took inexpensive, but pretty {from Ikea} cardboard boxes with tops and cut them down so they would fit each shelf. 

Then, I put my purses inside so you couldn't see. Since they are all sizes and colors, they would look too messy on display for me. I change my purses almost as much as I change my outfit, so this has worked well for me.

In the back corner, I tucked a small donation box under my dresses. If I notice I haven't been wearing something very much or I just don't like how it fits me, I toss it in the box. If I really miss it {which I don't think I've ever had happen}, I can pull it back out. But, when the box is full, I have a friend I give the clothes to.

My shoes have racks that hold the ones with heels. These pull out to access easier. The wedges and flats fit on the shelf above the racks.

Just outside the closet I have a small bench so I can sit and put shoes on. Under the bench is my little treasure chest of all my memories that are meaningful to me. My parents gave this to me as a graduation gift when I graduated high school.

Right above the small bench is my jewelry organizer. From the  outside it looks like a collage of pictures of my hubby and me. But it opens up to store all my jewelry. Like my clothes, I have a "one in one out" rule to keep it from getting too full.

Across from the jewelry organizer is my vanity. We have a small bathroom {you'll see soon}, so I get myself ready at my vanity. 

I have a small, vintage clock on top to keep me running on time. There is a box that holds all my daily make-up along with my make-up mirror. 

The pretty trash can on the side hides my hair dryer behind it in a basket. 

Inside the drawers I have my drawers organized with different necessities. 

The drawers are papered in the same wrapping paper as the above closet drawer fronts.

On either side of the bed, I have large nightstands. These can act almost like a dresser since they are large. 

I love our padded headboard because it opens up for even more storage! It's been a great way to add more storage in our small bedroom.

Moving into our master bathroom...we have an older home, but are fortunate that there is larger built-ins and vanities in our bathrooms and around the house. This bathroom isn't that big {believe me, I can hardly turn around in our shower}, but at least we have a nice sized bathroom vanity!

I use the cupboards for stocking up on supplies on one side.

The other is for cleaning, first aid kit, and a few more supplies under the sink.

In my little, tiny toilet closet, I even found a way to organize my feminine products - out of sight. I keep them in the pretty box above the toilet, on the shelf.

It's worked really well for years.

This concludes the tour of my master bedroom, closet, and bathroom. I hope you got some great ideas you can incorporate into your home, or are inspired to get your own home organized! 

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