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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Organizing: Clear out the clutter!

OK...I had to do it. I have GOT to bring up getting rid of stuff and clutter. 

My kids {and I do too} have to go through all their toys BEFORE Christmas.

Why? Well let me tell you, "If you don't have room for it then you can't have anything new!" My poor kids hear that every Christmas and birthday.

And grandparents like to buy BIG gifts...BIG! 
 {Like a 3 story Barbie Townhouse!}

So, each child is required to go through their toys and figure out what is ready to go - broken, outgrown, not playing with anymore...and give it away.  

The same thing goes for Mom and Dad. It's a GREAT time to get in your closet and clear out all those clothes and knick knacks around the house that you just no longer need. AND, it's the end of the year and all the charities would LOVE to have your stuff!

I keep a donation box in my closet - it's pretty and I can't see into it without pulling it out.

When I feel there is something in my closet that I don't really wear much or I think I can live without, I just put it in and then if I don't notice that it's gone or don't think about it I know that it's time to go.

How about extra or old Christmas stuff? Do you find you just don't want to put up or out all the Christmas stuff you have? Well, get rid of it? Maybe it's old or falling apart or just yucky?

So, get your kiddos and YOURself ready for Christmas...take 15 minutes or less and just go through your stuff that you don't need and donate it or give to a friend in need.

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