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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Organizing: Organizing Gift Ideas!

I know that I love to shop and figure out great gifts to get everyone for Christmas, but then I also get asked by my Mom or MIL what I would like for Christmas! Do you get asked? Well, if you don't, you can drop hints...hee, hee!

Today I am going to show you some FABULOUS organizing gifts for yourself or for someone else! Cause we could all use a little more organizing in our lives!!

In our house, the first gifts to open are the stocking stuffers. So, I'll start with those!

These include: {1} a plug-in charging shelf, {2} Password directory, {3} GRID-IT organizer, {4} Door organizer, {5} Cord wraps, {6} Cord clips, {7} Coupon organizer with calculator, {8} GRID-IT binder organizer, {9} Key clip.

Then, we have organized gifts for him! My hubby would love any of these - he has two of them already!

These include: {1} Tool Hardware Caddy, {2} Rolling stackable mobile tool caddy, and {3} dresser valet.

There are gifts for HER {that would be YOU, too}.

These include: {1} hanging jewelry organizer, {2} Set of homekeeping printables, {3} Purse clip {yes, again}, {4} Craft Organizer/Carrier, {5} Coupon organizer, {6} Vanity Organizer, {7} SUPER size coupon organizer, {8} Sunglasses organizer, {9} Tool Box. 

For the traveler in your life {or for YOU}.

These include: {A} Trunk Organizer and cooler, {B} Travel jewelry organizer, {C} Picnic basket organizer, {D} Toiletries organizer, {E} Car seat organizer.

Another category is for the organized kitchen {or cook} in your life!

These include: {A} Casserole carrier, {B} Acrylic stackable spice containers, {C} Lunch set, {D} Pot rack organizer, {E} can rack.

Last, for the book readers! Here are three great books on Organizing that I highly recommend: {1} Organizing Simplicity, {2} Clutter Rehab, and {3} The 15-Minute Organizer.! I scoured the internet looking for great ideas that {mostly} won't break the bank but are great for keeping organized and yet a fun gift to get or give! There are LOTS more ideas that I didn't include that are on my GIFTS board on Pinterest. I also have all the prices included in that Pinterest board. Does this help? 

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