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Friday, September 23, 2011


I see beautiful silhouettes all over blogland and Pinterest! And, I must admit, I LOVE them! I just think that they bring character and charm to a home.  Our family room is one room that I have tried to make very family minded - afterall, it IS a family room! I have been wanting them for our family room for awhile...


We vacationed earlier this summer in Big Bear.  Let me tell you, it may be a small mountain town, but they have the BEST thrift stores! I seriously can't tell you how many great finds I got there! Good thing I had my van! Anyway...I found these silver trays for $1 a piece.  I am a sucker for trays - LOVE trays - and I use them all the time all over the place. I especially use them for entertaining the many we have over! So, I had no idea what I'd do with them but I figured for $1 a piece it was a great deal and I'd figure it out later. 

I stashed them in my office for a couple of months and completely forgot about them! My husband had piled some things on them and one day I was cleaning up I noticed them.  What does that have to do with silhouettes?

I realized I hadn't thought of anything and that I wanted some silhouettes of the kids on the walls.  So, I painted chalkboard paint on the inside of the tray, leaving the edges revealed.  It was SUPER easy - a couple of coats and I did it on my kitchen table!

Then, I took a couple of pictures of the kids' silhouettes and printed them up and cut them out. I grabbed a pencil and traced them and used my chalk ink to draw their silhouettes onto the trays.  Easy peesy!

I used some Command "damage-free" hanging strips and put on the backs of the trays - which are very lite-weight. 

I hung them amongst our gallery of pictures on the wall in our family room. It's so cute!  I love it.

And, I can always erase them and use for something else later on! Or not!

Do you have any silhouttes of yourself or kids in your home? Aren't they so fun?

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