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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Organizing {school} lunches!

You may or may not have noticed last week, that on my kids' morning schedules one of their chores is to make their lunch each day for school.  Gasp! I am carrying on the tradition that my mom started!

My kids know how to make their lunches.  It's not hard, really.  I wanted to give you a few tips that I use and some others I've have seen around blogland/Pinterest that can help you and your kids get out the door more quickly.  Perhaps you do NOT have kids, but you work?  Well, this would apply to you, also.  If you are trying to adhere to maintaining or losing weight - well, it's important you have your lunches organized to make sure you don't find yourself with nothing else to eat but junk food!

First of all, make it easy. Don't expect your kids to have to do a lot of work before school with chores and then having to drag out all kinds of stuff, or think too hard about what to put in their lunches.

What do I mean? Have everything set up. In my pantry I have a basket for lunchbags, another basket for all the extra lunch necessities - hand wipes, plastic spoons, etc. - and then I have a list of what needs to go in their lunch. 

It's so easy, Rachel as a kindergartener could do it! I make her sandwich {she can also make it now that she's bigger} or you can make a whole bunch ahead of time on Sunday evening for the week.  Then, just grab whatever you need and go!

I found another GREAT resource for school lunches {you may have seen it on my Facebook page} is THIS fantastic idea from Make 5 Dinners in one Hour. She has her assembly line of sandwiches and baggies to put in her frig and the kids can grab and go when making lunches! Brilliantly organized!

What are you doing for school lunches with your kiddos? If you homeschool, what do you have your kids make? 


Remember, if they are big enough to put stuff away, they are big enough to help make lunches!


Next week I'll share MY schedule for the school year! Yes, believe it or not I am quite busy and must keep myself on a pretty strict schedule! Just because you have kids in school all day doesn't mean you don't have much to do! I am SUPER busy once the school year starts!