How my hubby organizes: Audio/Video cables! | Organizing Made Fun: How my hubby organizes: Audio/Video cables!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How my hubby organizes: Audio/Video cables!

One day, it Ebay find that my husband was SO proud of! He bought a new-to-him Bose surround sound system!!!!

Imagine my you sense my sarcasm?

So, thankfully my hubby wasn't going to leave it that way.

He even bought a WHITE surround sound system so that it would "go" better with the decor.

So, he devised a plan to fit all of this stuff - including the LARGE subwoofer {yes, ladies, the big white box is a subwoofer!} and the new black receiver - into the cupboards below the TV.

The point was to make the stuff disappear back to this lovely state!

You can see I even had to write out instructions on how to turn ON the's quite complicated now.  Should I mention all the remotes we have now?

Well, at least I have a special hiding place for them!

Anyway, he managed to use velcro ties and cable ties to make everything tidy inside. He also drilled a large hole into the top of the cabinet and ran all the cords through it to help hide them.

He's so talented that he even put in an additional outlet inside the cupboards for the TV and power strip.

Then, all is well and organized again!  He's so sweet and did a fantastic job organizing all those video cables!

Don't you think?