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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How I organize my blog: Blogversary

Tomorrow marks ONE year since my first post here on Organizing Made Fun.  Yes, it's truly been fun for me this year.

No, I do not have a giveaway. I believe that I have very faithful, loyal followers who come simply to be inspired! I have always believed that if you truly liked this blog, you would follow me. If not, that's OK because I'm not for you!  I have many that say they "follow me, so I should follow back"....but I honestly just don't have time to keep up with so many blogs - I already follow about 150 blogs!  I DO try to leave as many of you comments on your blogs when I see great stuff or if you send me a link!  I appreciate all the great readers that I have...

15 Minutes a day to clean your house:  Second Most popular post EVER {with over 8,000 hits}
One thing I AM going to do for you is to share a bunch of my blog organizing tips and things I have learned over this past year.  Here are my personal tips to get better at blogging:

1.  Set a schedule:  you can see on my sidebar I have a schedule.  I am a scheduler and I needed some sort of predictable themes.  I also needed to make it set days of the week.  I decided that Monday, Wednesday, and Friday was easiest - three times a week!  I also decided specific content for each of those days.  It gives my readers some sort of idea that I have a plan.  I realize some blogs "fly by the seat of their pants" {well, it's just a different style - my friend, Lisa is FANTASTIC at this but her blog is all about her writing and she's hysterical}. For some blogs it's confusing knowing what's coming on some of them and I love looking forward to regular posts on my favorite blogs.

2.  Have a practice blog:  This was especially important when trying out my updated blog look.  It is great to try out stuff that I am unsure how it will look. It's a mock-up of my real blog!  I also try out html codes and gadgets and see how they look.

3.  Plan ahead:  I have my posts scheduled WAY ahead of time.  I do mine about 1-2 weeks ahead {or more}.  Which seems ridiculous to some....but, I've had TWO computer crashes {both while my techy hubby was out of town} and didn't miss a beat!  You didn't even know it..cause all my posts were set.

Look familiar?  It's my test blog!

4.  Schedule your posts for the same time everyday:  Even if you aren't two weeks ahead, like me, and you do a post the night before just schedule it for the same time of the day.  Some blogs I read regularly, I know are going to hit 12 AM {EST} which is 9 PM my time and I look forward to reading them every night while on my netbook and watching TV.  Plus, the post will publish even if you are out and about doing something and you never have to think about it.

5. Sign up as an email subscriber and follower of your blog.  This way if anything happens, you'll notice.  

My email subscription was missing for three posts and I noticed I hadn't been receiving them.  I wouldn't have known this otherwise and was able to figure out the problem and fix it, with my hubby's help! 

Also, make it EASY to follow you. Some blogs don't, and it's a little annoying if I want to follow you.  Using one of these {pictured above or below} is quick and easy! Use the gadget in your blogger to show the followers, subscribe, or FB follow, on your MAIN page side bar - or even make a tab for it up on top!!

6.  Use a great DIY blog helper: Learn how to do all kinds of neat things.  My favorite one is Sneaky Momma Blog Design.  She helps you figure out how to do complicated widgets, gadgets, and htmls in a very easy way.  She's a girl and knows how to explain it in girl-ways!  I have also gotten great tips from Donna, at Funky Junk Interiors.

Easy Blog Tips!

7.  Words and Wordiness:  I especially do not like posts with teeny, tiny that I'm 40 my eyes cannot read your posts when they are written this small!!!!  I personally set mine on "large" cause it's just easier on my eyes!  I will literally give up and not read your post if your words are too small.  

Also, I subscribe to a LOT of blogs so I don't have time to read a lot of words and specifics. Give me the facts and lots of great pictures! Yes, I realize THIS is a wordy post - so I try to break it up with pictures...I try to keep these long posts to a minimum.  I really try not to overwhelm you with every single step of organizing or DIYing.  I just show you lots of pictures and you can figure it out!

Too many words {and small print} is like this in my brain!!!

8.  Check your spelling:  One of the reasons I like to schedule my posts so far away is that I go back and re-read them a few days before and make sure I worded everything so you can understand it, check my spelling, and any other problems it could have - even adding link-ups with words to other previous posts. 

I always tell our son...go BACK and check everything you turn in!! Same thing for blogs!
I can think of one popular blogger {who shall remain nameless} that time and time again has typos and spelling errors!  This happens, usually, when we're in a hurry and rushing to get a post out!  I still have typos, but I try to read the post AGAIN once it's officially posted and fix the error right away.  One problem:  the email subscribers only get the first post you send!  So, try to get it right the first time!

9.  Lots of pictures:  I LOVE pictures -see my Pinterest.  I have been doing my best to try and take the best pictures I can. I have a great blogger friend, Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons, who has given me a few photography tips {she's a professional photographer and it SHOWS on her blog}  I have read and re-read posts about taking pictures, taking into account as much as I can.  Then, using Photoscape program {which is FREE} to fix them or make them cool! HERE is a great link on photo tips {from Centsational Girl} that I have used.  

My favorite practice shot!  I'm practicing picture taking all the time!
10. Make friends, not enemies: I have made so many blogging friends this year.  Yes, even blog friends with the SAME type of organizing, project-minded blogs as me.  What they do is actually help ME to get more people over here to look at my blog and I help THEM!  Plus, we have something in common - blogging and organizing!! So, it's VERY fun to email chat, text, Twitter, and all that with my many blog friends! I am not competing with them...

My friend, Anna from Ask Anna. Got to meet her recently when she came to my house!

 Last, I'm going to give you some fun facts from this year:

#1 Most popular post was:  Parade of Homes Event with over 21,000 page-views {and climbing everyday}

#3 Most popular post was:  How I organized my weight-loss with over 8,500 page-views!

#1 Most searched keyword:  Organizing headbands!

#1 Most popular tab {almost a tie}:  How to have a {fake} immaculate house with over 7,000 pageviews and My Home...a little tour! They are about neck and neck!

My FIVE top referring sites are:

IHeart Organizing

4.  I'm an Organizing Junkie
Organizing Junkie
5.  Beneath My Heart
beneath my heart

Thanks to all these websites that have helped me out a lot!  I appreciate all of their efforts and link parties that have especially given me a lot of viewers and followers!  Speaking of link parties....I AM actually going to start doing some link parties in the near future!'s shocking!!  So, I will be telling you more about that soon!  For now, I am still organizing my thoughts!

Do you have a great way of organizing something?  Or a picture of something you've worked hard to organize?  You could be featured on my Facebook page or featured on the blog!  Email me here!  Please tell your friends about Organizing Made Fun...we are having a BLAST here!

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