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Monday, May 9, 2011

Forty and Sporty!

I'd love to tell you that I'm talking about a cool car that is precisely perfect for gas reservation.  However, I am NOT.

Last month my hubby surprised me for my 40th birthday with a gigantic party!! Well, I actually wasn't so surprised.  I was a little surprised.

It should really read "up the hill of death" since I walk that each day!

See, I don't like surprises.  I specifically told him NOT to throw me a surprise party.  I wanted to have a fun get together with my friends and hang out for my 40th.  That was it!  

Despite a few gray hairs, we still adore one another!

He and my best friend were "in cahoots" for about two months planning it.  Unfortunately, I am very difficult to surprise.  I am home all the time - since I teach piano lessons from home and I am a stay at home Mom.  I know when something is up.  

My best friend, Ardena {in the middle} with her MIL on RT and my good friend, Ann on the LT.
No one ever let on that they knew anything - no one {John was smart enough not to tell the kids at all}. But, just a few days before my birthday he had not told me we were doing anything....that was my first suspicion.  So, I sent him a text message asking if we were doing anything for my 40th.  He casually texted back we'd go out to dinner.  My second suspicion was my best friend emailed me within a half hour of my husband's message {they say unrelated} that she wanted to take me out to breakfast the Saturday after my birthday and would pick me up at 8 AM.  Really? 8 AM on a Saturday morning??? My only day to sleep in?  

Family and friends getting fed by the Taco Man!

So, upon realizing that these two were probably up to something, I gave her a REALLY hard time about going to breakfast and how early she wanted to pick me up.  Poor thing...then I suggested that instead of heading right home after breakfast, I just stay out in the area we were eating and use up my gift card at a spa my hubby got me last Christmas.  Apparently, the two of them began going back and forth "freaking out" in emails.  Hee, hee...I'm so bad like that!

I love seeing all the kids shoes...shows they are having a good time!

My hubby came up with some great excuse as to why he didn't think I should do that on that particular afternoon.  Now I was REALLY on to them.  

Two other long-time friends..

The night before, I was tired and a bit grumpy - I know, shocking!!  So, I told him I was thinking of canceling my breakfast out with my girlfriend, Ardena, since we could just do it another Saturday.  He insisted I go anyway.  Hmmmm....Well, I got her to pick me up later than 8 - cause surprise or no surprise, I didn't want to be ready that early.  I'm up every day at 5:30 and Saturdays I like to sleep in!  She came at 8:45 promptly....and I was not ready on time.  If you know me, this is HIGHLY unusual!  I'm always ready on time ;)

My friend, Beth, made flowers arrangements at all the tables!

She warned me that the place we were going to was always packed and has been featured on the Food Network so to be prepared for a long wait to get in.  To her surprise, we pulled up and there was no one in line! We got right in.  I did feel a little badly at this point.  There was some other problems - she forgot her cell phone and her MIL {mother in law} was with us. I caught them on her MIL's cell phone when I came out of the bathroom - trying to act cool.  

Think I can do it?

I felt badly and suggested we head down the street to The Container Store and the little downtown area since she "had more time" before she had to be back into town!  She KNEW I was on to her, but could never ask!  Poor thing!

Spotted these folders while we were in The Container Store! I always have my camera with me!
We arrived at my house and I was actually still quite surprised.  My little "burger flipping" party was not that at all.  My husband had a humongous tent on our driveway, rented tables {with table cloths and flowers} and chairs, and even had the whole thing catered by "the taco man" for everyone to enjoy!  And, there were a LOT more people there than I ever expected - 60 or 70 {my parents, my sister and her family, and all of my hubby's family were there too!}, but I didn't really count!  It was packed! He even thought to get a bounce house for the kids to play in!

My wonderful family!

My best friend, Ardena, is now anxiety-free!  She jokingly says "birthday, birthday, birthday, surprise, surprise, surprise" around me all the time just to get it out of her system! 

All the kids having a GREAT time in the sandbox!

I will say that 40 is nothing like I thought it would be.  It's much younger than I thought.  I vividly remember being 20 years old {and younger} and I still feel like I am.  I'm just glad I'm not acting like I was 20 years old.  Thankfully the Lord has given me a much more teachable heart  and a lot more wisdom {compared to what I was like 20 years ago}.  I see 20-somethings now and realize I was just as unteachable and lacking in humility as many of them {and still have  LONG way to go}.

Even my sister and her family came down to be part of my 40th!
I also learned a lot in my 30s.  They were a great decade!  I am unsure what to expect in this next decade of my life, but I have God here to trust and rely on.  

College Graduation from The Master's College, 1993 {22 years old}, with Dr. John MacArthur.

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