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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our master bedroom: tricks to make it feel bigger & organized

Welcome to our master bedroom...sounds a little weird, but quite honestly, we've had lots of people come in there to check it out. It is one of my favorite places in our home and I feel so warm and cozy just looking at it!

Soft and fluffy...warm and inviting!

This is our little retreat - a small room, actually.  But, let me show you how we've made our small room feel bigger.  Our bedroom is located at the back of our house - far away from the kids' rooms.  We like it that way, and it's very private. 

Our master bedroom is the only carpet in our house...

We walk through our family room and into our master suite.  It's technically not a master suite, but we've made it that way.  Through this doorway and to the left is our master bathroom, which is not attached to our bedroom.  On the right is our office, also not attached.  But, we use the entire back hallway and consider it our "master suite" and have made it our private getaway.  

You can see the bump out behind the door...makes the room smaller!

Our room is only about 13x13.  We have a bump out behind our bedroom door that takes up valuable space. I cannot put anything at the end of our bed, as our door opens right up to it.  I have removed our bedroom dresser completely and incorporated the "dresser" into our closet.  I purposely have left the closet doors off to give the appearance that our room is larger than it is.  Here is what our bedroom looked like when we first looked at our house:

I have never missed those closet doors!

Many people would probably not like having the closet doors off, but I am able to keep the closet neat and organized so it works fine.  I also bought large, over-sized nightstands to act like dressers for any of the other things we need to put in there.

Got these at Overstock.com and they are well built and very solid!

I added mirrors behind the table lamps to also bounce light around and give more of an illusion of brightness - we only have one window in here, too.

These lamps were my splurge, from JCP, but I still used my free shipping and waited until they went on sale!

I love our headboard.  It is soft and padded.  But, it's got a hidden secret.  It actually opens for more storage!  Can you believe that?  

I love this headboard...Apartment therapy even featured it.

I have a strange thing in our room...a folding luggage rack I got at a thrift store for $5.  I use it EVERY night!  Since I can't have anything at the end of our bed, our comforter slips off and makes a mess every morning - I don't like a messy bed!  So, I put it at the end of the bed at night and put our comforter on it {depending on the season} and it helps to keep our sheets and blankets from winding up on the floor!

Luggage rack is also used when we have visitors for their luggage.

Then, I took my {Target} drapes and had the color of the room matched to the same color as the drapes - another trick to make it seem bigger!

My Target curtains...love the color!

I like to layer my window treatments, so to save money with our HUGE long window {we'd have to purchase two shades or custom order} I found a large, outdoor bamboo shade at Kmart.com {really, I had no idea they had that stuff either}.

I like having two different textures in my window treatments.

The drapery rods I found at Linen's N Things {for this window and the closet} when they were going out of business for $20!  I went online and purchased the matching rings before they were gone for very little money, too! 

We've got some silly pictures of us...from a long time ago in this frame!

I also have my jewelry hiding inside this cute collage frame I got as a gift from my hubby {similar to this one}.

I have a "one in, one out" rule now for my jewelry, too.

Near the window there is a little extra space, just big enough for my made-over vanity.  

I added the drawers that I spray painted, along with the vanity.

It used to look like this:

The only picture I could find of what it used to look like, but it's way in the back!

Since our bathroom is small also, I like having a vanity to do my hair and make up.  Pictured above is our master bedroom from our old house {it's staged to sell here} and it was located upstairs by itself - also away from the kids - with no bathroom around at all.  So, even having a small bathroom next to our room feels like a luxury to us!

Well, that wraps up the tour of our master bedroom...Starting next week I'm going to show you how I have organized various places in our bedroom and how you can do it easily too!  What do you think?  Does it look bigger than it is?  

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