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Friday, November 12, 2010

Organizing the entry

OK, last week I showed you our problem area:

Then, I showed you the solution and the dresser I'm now using to keep it the solution!  Now, let me show you how I organized the inside.

The top of the dresser I declared for phone charging only {and a lamp}!  Hubby agreed! I also bought a piece of glass to fit on the top of the dresser to make it more durable. 

So, drawer #1 - to replace hubby's pile that had formed from the drawer to the top of the old desk.

You can see I put a couple of plastic organizing trays for him to put his books he's reading or paperwork and other misc. things he brings in.  His sunglass cases, watch, and a place for his change inside.  He can throw it in and I don't care what it looks like inside.

Then, drawer #2:

I put two of the same sized tray in this drawer.  One is labeled "Mail" where I put what's left from today's mail - see my post on mail on what you actually should keep. The tray on the right hold receipts - mostly ones for home improvement and things that will possibly need to be taken back (hubby loves keeping these).

Drawer #3 is the biggy!

I bought stackable trays for the entire dresser since the drawers are high and deep.  This way I could stack things.  I have two trays for coupons - the one on top for everyday coupons and underneath for long term coupons.  The divided tray in back holds all kinds of office supplies.

Notice that I even labeled the dividers for the pens and pencils.  I stacked the keys on top of the other tray.

And, of course I got a large open tray for hubby's "junk" that he can throw in there.  What in the world IS all that stuff for anyway?  I don't even know...but now he can have it there without his wife nagging him to move it out.

On to drawer #3:

This drawer doesn't have much...which I love!  I only have a few craft supplies, a couple more trays, and some large notebooks.

You can find these here

So, we've conquered an area that has bothered me for years!  Sometimes you have to think out of the box and come up with solutions using things you wouldn't normally. 

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  1. Love the dresser for the entry way. I am working on my entry way right now and have been looking for an entry table, but I think a dresser is a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I am a new follower, saw you on I Heart Organizing.

    ~Jess @

  2. This was nice to see- found you from another blog on organizing. You have a great site- am loving exploring it all and getting more ideas. I have been frustrated at how unorganized I am and want to start tackling different parts of the house. Your ideas are a big help in getting started. I'm now following you ;)

  3. Wonderful and welcome! Glad you can follow...there's lots more good stuff coming too!

    Becky B.

  4. What a great solution, Becky! I love the chest in place of the desk and that you put glass on top. I'm glad I'm not the only one with the hubby paraphanelia - what are all those cords for anyway? : ) Receipts, yes, I know all about those. God help me if I file them away with my paid bills in the "receipt" folder!

  5. I love it! I remember seeing this when we were there and I loved the music sheets on top. It's nice to see it looks just as nice inside as it does outside. :)



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