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Friday, September 10, 2010

Kitchen update continued...

Slowly but surely, our kitchen is getting done.  We're trying to keep costs low and style up!  

The large beam has now been dry-walled and coated in lots of joint compound. Here is what it looks like right now.

Then, my hubby hung up the new bamboo shades I got at....Kmart!  Yep, I got them at Kmart!!  Surprisingly, they are inexpensive and pretty well made.  Plus, they were exactly the right color!  The only draw back is that they only have limited sizes so I had to make them fit inside the windows so they are about an inch short on each side, but my aluminum frame comes to that point.  Anyway, it's really not noticeable to most people and for the price, it's certainly worth it! Plus, I bought them all online with free shipping since our Kmart was out of the sizes I needed - but is two blocks away if I needed to return them.

Kitchen Remodel |

Don't they look great?  I still have painting left..that's coming soon.  I'm working on a project that I'll share next week - my old buffet totally revamped and updated!  It's down right lovely!  

It's a far cry from where it once was! It's so great to see progress - even if it's slow progress!  When you do the work yourselves, it takes longer but as long as you keep it moving and you can still function, you'll live!  

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  1. It does take a long time when you do it yourself, doesn't it?! You are doing a great job; it looks awesome. Just think how great you will feel when it's all done!!


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